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Do’s And Don’ts for Home Entertainment System Wiring

Bought a new home theater system? Before you start enjoying watching your favorite shows, set it up properly. Pay special attention to your home entertainment system wiring.

Dos and Don’ts for Home Theater Wires

A home theater system consists of different appliances. There are TV and speakers. Some systems still include players or even consoles.

There will be lots of wires included in your system. You have to know how to set it up correctly to avoid overloading.


  • Place your home theater in a different room away from a water source. This will include taps, faucets, or even water dispensers.
  • Choose the right wiring for your home theater. As much as possible, use the wirings included with your appliance.
  • Plan how you’re going to set up your home theater system. This gives you an idea where wirings and switchboards should be.
  • Ask the help of a professional electrician.


  • Never place the switchboard anywhere that accidental spatters can reach. Imagine drinking water, soda, or beer while watching and it falls on the floor. If the spatter reaches your switchboard, it can cause issues.

It’s better to keep it high on your wall.


  • Don’t overload your circuit. It can happen when there are too many appliances attached to it. Make sure you find a circuit that can handle the electricity you will use.
  • Never leave your switchboards open. If it does have a board, ensure that the wires are all tucked behind it.
  • Never yank out your home entertainment system wiring. This can damage both the plug and the board.

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