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Dead Outlets

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A dead outlet might be frustrating, but it’s also a sign of a potential problem with the wiring in your wall or other parts of your home. If you have an outlet that has stopped working, it’s time to call the pros from Mister Sparky to fix it. Electrical outlets are surrounded by live wires and should never be worked on without training. Our pros are ready to quickly come to your home, quickly identify the problem, and provide a lasting solution for it.

What Causes Dead Outlets?

An outlet can stop working because of a variety of issues. However, every dead outlet is frustrating for the same reason: they constantly force you to work around them to find power for your devices and appliances.

Bad Wiring

When wiring ages, it can come loose or split, causing a lack of adequate electrical current to an outlet. Loose wiring is dangerous because it can heat up and cause an electrical fire. So, having a dead outlet is inspected by an electrician is important to determine if your wiring is bad.

A Tripped Circuit Breaker

When a device, appliance, or multiple items draw too much power from an outlet, a circuit breaker might trip. This can be remedied by checking your electrical panel for tripped breakers and resetting them. To stop this problem from happening again, try using fewer devices or appliances with the same outlet. However, if the circuit breaker continues to trip under normal use, it’s time to call Mister Sparky for help.

A Tripped Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

A tripped ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a safety device featured on the outlets of many rooms or areas which are close to water. Sometimes, a GFCI only needs to be reset for an outlet to continue working again. However, a frequently tripping GFCI needs to be inspected by an electrician.

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When you call Mister Sparky, you’ll be connected to a team of local electricians who are as focused on customer service as they are on doing amazing electrical work. Our team is always on time and backs their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll come to your home, examine your dead outlet, and quickly find a lasting solution to fix it!

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