Dangers of DIY Electrical

We’ll Leave Your Home Safer Than We Found It

Dangers of DIY Electrical

Our Electricians Have the Training Required for Safe Electrical Work

If electrical work were simple and safe, Mister Sparky wouldn’t exist. It’s as simple as that! Becoming an electrician takes time and work for good reason—working on electrical systems requires training and experience to avoid dangerous or even deadly accidents.

At the minimum, an electrician attends courses for months and then follows their education with at least four years of on-the-job training. In many instances, electricians spend up to two years in a classroom to learn their trade! So, no one should fall into the trap of thinking that their electrical needs are a DIY project.

Danger 1: Electrical Shock

A static shock can deliver nearly 20,000 volts of electricity at once and is not deadly. However, a home’s 110-volt outlet can cause severe injuries and death if not handled properly. These two facts reveal one thing: electricity requires knowledge for safe handling.

Danger 2: Code Compliance

Electricians are familiar with all local codes and regulations for their service area. While an out-of-code DIY electrical job might work, it could cause problems with inspections if you ever decide to move from your home.

Danger 3: Fire Hazards

Electricians don’t go through years of training only to avoid shocking themselves or others. They also learn how to produce electrical work with a reduced risk of fire. Faulty wiring can create a fire risk that might not cause a fire for months or years. Hiring a professional electrician provides the peace of mind that your wiring will be as safe as possible.

Avoid Unnecessary Electrical Issues & Dangers by Calling (800) 906-4577

We understand: DIY projects offer satisfaction and can be cheaper than turning to the services of a professional company. However, the risks above are not worth the reward or savings offered by DIY repair. With Mister Sparky, you’ll receive the help of a local electrician who backs the quality of their work for two years. Our team is highly trained to provide your home with the safe electrical work that it deserves.

Call us today at (800) 906-4577 for help with all your electrical needs. Our experienced electricians are ready to come to your home and do the job right the first time. We offer 24/7 support for your emergency needs and convenience.

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