Smoke Detector Chirping

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Smoke Detector Chirping

Don’t Ignore These Important Safety Devices!

Smoke detectors are one of the most important and underappreciated devices in a home. As we go about our days and sleep, smoke detectors constantly monitor the air for signs of a fire. If we’re asleep, they wake us up to alert of danger. If we’re in another room, they make sure that we know there is a danger threatening our home.

Unfortunately, many people don’t see the value of their smoke detector until one saves their life. Until we need our smoke detectors, we might view them as annoying devices as ones that randomly chirp or go off while we cook. However, smoke detector maintenance should always be prioritized in a home. Don’t just take our word for it—the National Fire Protection Association has found that 40% of home fire deaths occur in the absence of smoke detectors!

How to Test Smoke Detectors

First, your smoke detectors should be checked every month. Luckily, testing a detector is very easy and can be done without detaching it on the wall. To test a smoke detector, you only need to press its test button. If your smoke detector does not respond, replace its batteries.

Some smoke detectors chirp if they need new batteries. This feature is annoying because it’s supposed to be! Instead of taking batteries out of your detector to silence it, immediately replace them. Keeping batteries on hand ensures that you don’t forget to replace a detector’s battery after it begins chirping.

  • Checking detector expiration dates
  • Clearing dust from smoke detectors
  • Keep batteries on hand for immediate replacement
  • Always use a reliable step stool or ladder to service smoke detectors

A smoke detector should be in every room of your home, including the basement. Never install smoke detectors near a window or air vent as it could keep smoke from reaching their sensors. Finally, never paint over a smoke detector; doing so can prevent one from working properly.

Call (800) 906-4577 for Smoke Detector Installation

If you’d like to avoid the hassles of batteries dying in your home’s smoke detectors, considering having the professional electricians from Mister Sparky hardwire detectors in your home. Doing so will ensure that your detectors always work if your home has power. When a detector is hardwired, it only needs a battery in instances of power failure! Our team is ready to come to your home, examine its features, and install smoke detectors in ideal locations.

To find out more about our smoke detector installation services, call us today at (800) 906-4577. Every Mister Sparky is locally owned and operated and provides excellent electrical services!

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