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Flickering Lights

Don’t Ignore This Sign of Electrical Issues

A flickering light can be a sign of much more than an old or malfunctioning lightbulb. If lights in your home regularly flicker, it’s time to call an experienced electrician for help. Flickering lightbulbs can mean that an electrical emergency is just around the corner!

Test the Bulb

The first thing to do if a light is flickering is to replace it immediately. In some cases, a bulb might need to be screwed in tighter to correct poor contact. If the bulb was old or faulty, it should immediately work. If the problem persists, you need the help of an electrician.

Keep in mind that CFL and fluorescent bulbs flicker for a few seconds after being turned on—this can be remedied by installing LED bulbs. LED bulbs offer instant illumination and are more energy-efficient than other types of light sources.

In some instances, you might not be using the right bulb if your light switch has a dimmer installed. Confirm that your bulb is dimmable and replace it if necessary.

Test Other Electrical Components

If flickering persists after replacing a bulb, examine your light switch. If a switch is loose, causes light fluctuation when touched, or makes crackling noises, it needs to be replaced. If a lamp uses an outlet for power, try plugging it into a different outlet. If this solves the problem, you need to have an electrician examine your lamp’s original outlet.

Power Surges

Sometimes, flickering lights can be a sign of dangerous power surges in a home’s electrical systems. Surges cause fluctuations in power, which can damage electronics and start fires. If you suspect surges are causing your bulbs to flicker, you should contact an electrician for help immediately.

If you need help with flickering lights, the experts from Mister Sparky are ready to help! Our electricians will arrive at your home on time, quickly diagnose the problem, and offer an effective solution. Our team is local, highly-trained, and backs their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Have your flickering light bulbs diagnosed by our electricians today. We’re ready to take your call for 24/7 support at (800) 906-4577

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