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How to Choose the Right-Size Home Generator for Your Home

Portable generator

Have you experienced any of these scenarios? You are watching your favorite TV show when the power goes out without warning. You are typing an important article on your PC, but before you hit Save, the electricity is out again.

These scenarios and the like are downright annoying. If only you have your own standby home generator, it would certainly save you from any power-outage blues.

What to Consider in Buying a Home Generator

If you do decide to buy a home generator, you should consider knowing the right size for your home.

Home generators, like other generators, come in various sizes. The bigger the size, the more power it delivers. As expected, bigger-size generators are more expensive than the smaller models.

If you want to go for something compact and—at the same time—within your means, you can opt for a portable generator. In spite of its size, portable generators can deliver much-needed electricity during emergencies and brownouts. This generator will prevent work disruptions during power failure situations.

On the other hand, if you think your home needs a bigger generator, you can go for a larger size. But how can you determine the size of the generator to run your entire household? Follow these two simple steps:

1. Find out the starting wattage of your appliances.
2. Look for a generator that matches or exceeds the required wattage of your home’s electricity.

If you need an expert’s opinion, Santa Rosa electricians can help you identify the right size of home generator for your house. These trusted electricians can help you get the right backup power when the lights go out.

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