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3 Life Hacks For Better Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting

In many homes, the kitchen is the nerve center. It’s where families spend most of their time together — preparing meals, chatting, entertaining guests, and doing homework. It serves as the dining room, the family room, and even the office.

Because the kitchen serves so many different functions, trying to perfect your kitchen lighting can be difficult. Below, we give you our top three hacks for better kitchen lighting.

Lighting Hacks That Can Transform Your Kitchen

Use lighting to direct the eye

When people step into your kitchen, you don’t want their eyes zooming in on a sink filled with dirty dishes or a cluttered prep area. Figure out what you want your guests to look at when they enter your kitchen.

Choose a focal point or two and illuminate those spots or items. It can be a piece of art, a cozy nook, or a display cabinet. Use pendant lighting or track lighting to highlight these.

Layer the light sources

You don’t want your kitchen lit by one “glare bomb.” You want it to look dynamic, warm, and inviting.

Ideally, your kitchen lighting should consist of four layers: ambient lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting, and accent lighting. This combination of lighting sources ensures that you have adequate light for cooking and food prep (task lighting) and for creating a warm glow (ambient lighting). Accent lighting and decorative lighting add dimension and sparkle to the room.

Consider other lighting sources

Aside from choosing the right light fixtures, you can also improve your kitchen lighting by (1) repainting the room and (2) letting natural light in.

Painting the kitchen a lighter shade makes it look cleaner, brighter, and more relaxing. You can also choose to paint it a darker color, which can make it look richer, more elegant, and more intimate.

Rethinking your kitchen lighting? Use the tips above to visualize what your kitchen can look like with new lighting. For more advice, call Mister Sparky® of the Bay Area at (707) 368-4821 today!