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Signs You Are in Need Emergency Electrical Repairs

Electrician testing outlet voltage

Home Electrical Repairs 

We depend on our electrical systems in our homes for almost everything from heating and cooling to using our daily appliances. Knowing what type of electrical repairs are considered an emergency and must be taken care of immediately can protect the safety of your family and home. Here are some types of emergency electrical repairs that should not be ignored and taken care of immediately.

Sparks or popping sound.

If you notice sparks whenever you touch or plug in an appliance, there is likely a problem with either the circuit or the outlet. If you hear popping sounds, there can be loose or faulty wiring. If you notice any of these problems, you should consult an electrical repair should be sought immediately.

Burning smell.

If a burning smell is ever detected, you should turn off the electricity immediately and call the emergency number.

Flickering lights.

Although some lights flicker because they need their bulbs changed and replaced, it may occur due to poor or loose connections in the light fixtures or their related wiring.

Electrical outlets and switches not working.

If you have a switch or outlet that does not work or only works periodically, you may have a wiring issue that a licensed professional needs to repair.

Old Wiring.

If your notice old or aged wiring, it most likely needs to be rewired and made compliant with code. Old wiring can cause shortages and may even start house fires.

These are just a handful of emergency electrical repairs that need to be addressed immediately.

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