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Reasons to Rewire Your Home

Whole house rewiring is a large project that has become increasingly necessary for older homes because of the escalating power requirements of today’s technology. We expect our home’s electrical systems to handle widescreen televisions, desktop computers, larger refrigerators, electrical stoves, multiple recharging stations, high-speed Internet, ceiling fans, and more. For the wiring of a home that was originally intended only keep the lights on, this can be overwhelming.

Even though a whole-house rewiring is a major undertaking, the job will go fast and smoothly if you give it to experienced electricians. (Do not attempt this as a DIY project; you risk violating local electrical codes, creating fire damage risks, and injuring yourself.) Call Mister Sparky® of the Bay Area today and speak to our specialists in electrical repair in Napa, CA to plan the rewiring that will modernize your house and make day-to-day life more convenient.

Reasons to Schedule Whole-House Rewiring

  • House age: A home doesn’t need to be built pre-World War II to need an upgrade for its wiring. Some homes from the 1980s cannot live up to the current power demands people have for electricity. Pre-1970s houses often have outdated wiring without PVC coating, making it prone to deterioration. When in doubt, consult with an electrician, who can examine your home and perform tests to see if you would benefit from rewiring.
  • Constant electrical malfunctions: As the electrical system in an older house receives more and more stress from new appliances, it will begin frequently blowing fuses and tripping breakers. If power outages are becoming common occurrences in your home, then you should investigate rewiring as soon as possible. The warnings don’t have to be that catastrophic, however: if the lights in your house start to flicker on a regular basis, it means the electrical system is experiencing surges because the more powerful appliances are making energy demands the wiring can’t handle.
  • Lack of outletsHere’s another warning your home needs rewiring: only one outlet per room. A home with proper electrical service should have an outlet every six to eight feet, properly grounded (three-prong outlets). If you only have a single outlet per bedroom, you have a home that needs a major electrical upgrade.
  • Increase your home’s value: If you think you may eventually place your home on the market, an updated electrical system will increase its value—as well as make sure it passes any electrical inspection.

Rewiring a house will not only make life easier, with fewer power outages and surges that can damage appliances, it will make your house much safer by reducing the chances of electrical fires. If you have doubts about your home’s wiring, call on the experts in electrical repair in Napa, CA at Mister Sparky® of the Bay Area. We offer exceptional rewiring services to see to your home’s needs.