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3 Suggestions for Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting is an absolute necessity for any home – both for safety reasons and to improve the aesthetic value of the home – and if you’re not satisfied with yours then a trained electrician can install new outdoor lighting to meet your specifications.

Here in Santa Rosa, electrician services can help plan such an upgrade to match your particular needs and property.

On a more general level, here are 3 suggestions for outdoor lighting installation to help guide you.

  • Motion detectors. Motion detecting lights activate when they detect human-sized figures moving within its range. This makes for a powerful security deterrent by denying potential intruders any shadowy spots to hide in. On a less grim note, motion-detecting lights can automatically turn on when you come home, allowing you to reach the front door easily and unlock it without having to fumble around in the dark.
  • Pathway lighting. If you have a large or elaborate yard, you might want to consider illuminating the various pathways moving through it. This serves an immediate and obvious practical value by differentiating the paths from other spots in your yard. They can provide safe illumination allowing you to move through your yard safely in the dark, and they also provide a lovely sense of aesthetics, helping your yard become a nicer place to be.
  • Centerpiece illumination. If you have a part of your yard that deserves a little more attention – a particular tree or bush, for example, or a fountain in the middle of the yard – you can help highlight it with the tasteful inclusion of proper lighting. Not only will it help the piece look better, but it can make your yard a nicer place to be overall: encouraging you to make use of it even after the sun goes down.

For more suggestions for outdoor lighting installation, or to set up a consultation session to discuss your options, call upon the experts at Mister Sparky® of the Bay Area. We have the skills you need to do the job right and electrician services in Santa Rosa don’t come any more reliable. 

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