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What an Annual Electrical Inspection Covers

How safe is the electrical wiring in your home? Is it up to the current electrical code? It’s important for you to know the answers to these questions for the protection of your family and your property—especially if you live in an older home that may have out-of-date wiring. It’s important for more recent homes as well, since the continual increase in powered devices in homes means additional strain on the electrical system.

We recommend that you have an annual safety inspection for your electrical system. Professional electricians will see that your house is within the local application of the NEC (specifics change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction), locate any issues that could turn into serious problems, and advise you on upgrades to improve the system.

When you sign up for the Home Protection Club from Mister Sparky, you will receive a free annual safety inspection from a trained Santa Rosa electrician.

Here Is Some of What You Can Expect One of Our Electricians to Cover During an Annual Inspection

  • The fuse box/circuit breaker panel: Perhaps the most important check during a safety inspection is to see that the central panel for the electrical system is in good shape. (If you still have an older fuse box, the technician will almost certainly recommend that you upgrade to a circuit breaker panel.) One of the things the technician will look for is scorch marks around the outlets and breakers or fuses. The technician will make sure there are no loose or sparking wires.
  • All outlets: Each outlet in your home will receive a check to see there are no loose covers, discoloration, or marks of electrical fires. If the outlets are GFCI outlets (they have those two buttons between the plugs), the technician will runs checks on them using an electrical tester.
  • All electrical installations: The technician makes sure that everything connected into the electrical system is correctly installed and not creating either a fire hazard or a risk of overloading the circuit breaker panel.
  • Outside checks: The electrician will look over the connections outside your home to see if there is any threat to the cables.

The National Electrical Code undergoes changes every three years, and each jurisdiction must choose to update their application of the code accordingly. Because of the complexity of the code, it is vital that you have professionals conduct your annual electrical inspection. Although you can also make a few checks during a month on your own (like seeing that all the outlets are working) you must have a yearly professional visit to make certain that your home remains safe.

If you’re looking for an electrician in Santa Rosa, CA for your annual electrical inspection, look no further than Mister Sparky. The annual inspection comes packaged in our excellent maintenance program that offers you other benefits such as 10–15% discounts on repairs, priority service, and waived diagnostic fees.