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Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Your circuit breaker is a safety feature located in the breaker box of your home. It shuts off the flow of electricity in the event of an overload. Electrical circuits and wires are designed to handle a certain “load” of electricity. If that load becomes too great, it will damage the components, possibly even melting them and/or running the risk of a fire. The circuit breaker trips to avoid that possibility, shutting off the power and keeping your home and its electrical components safe. Normally, you can simply reset the breaker and everything will be fine. If your breaker continues to trip, however, there could be a significant problem. Our Santa Rosa electricians can perform repairs, but that still doesn’t answer the question, “Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?” A few answers can be found below.

The most common answer is that you have overloaded the circuit with more appliances than it can support. In our modern world, this is more common than you might think, as computer and entertainment systems often involve multiple components that use a lot of power. The same thing can occur if an individual appliance or similar component is malfunctioning, creating a surge or similar spike that overwhelms the circuit. You can resolve this issue through trial and error, then speak with a qualified electrician about the best solution to the problem.

The circuit breaker may also be tripping because a component attached to it is damaged or otherwise faulty. In this case, the tripping circuit breaker is alerting you to the problem, whether it be a frayed wire or a damaged connector. Again, a trained electrician can hunt down the problem and replace the damaged component, restoring the circuit to full functionality.

A tripped circuit breaker may be a nuisance, but it actually saves your electrical system a lot of potential damage. To restore it, call upon the experts at Mister Sparky for help. Electrical installation and repair services in Santa Rosa don’t get any more professional than us and we can answer the question “why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?” with professionalism and pride. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!