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Yes, They Really Help! Why Ceiling Fans Are a Good Investment

Ceiling fans make an attractive addition to a room, but many homeowners have doubts that these ornaments can actually do any good when it comes to comfort and energy efficiency. Are ceiling fans really worth much aside from looking attractive and providing a minimal breeze?

The answer is a loud “Yes!” Ceiling fans are one of the finest home improvement investments you can make. Call up Mister Sparky today and talk to a Santa Rosa, CA electrician who handles ceiling fan installation. You’ll find out your options for improving your home with these incredibly useful additions.

How a Ceiling Fan Helps During Hot Weather

Ceiling fans provide air circulation. The shape and angle of the blades provides a movement that draws up the warm air from below and then sends it across the ceiling and down the sides of a room. This air movement is beneficial to you because it removes the heat envelope that forms around your body. Heat is constantly escaping through the skin, but most of it remains close to your body and keeps you warm. The movement of air takes away this extra layer of heat from around you, which makes you feel cooler. (This is the same principle as “wind chill,” which makes a cold day feel even colder. Except in this case, the wind chill works in your favor.)

So although a ceiling fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature of a room, it will make a hot room feel cooler. You will need to run your air conditioner much less with a fan keeping up a steady breeze flowing through the rooms in your house.

(Something to keep in mind: Since a fan doesn’t cool down a room—it only makes the people inside it feel more comfortable—there is no reason to keep a fan running and using power when no one is present.)

How Ceiling Fans Help in the Winter As Well

Most ceiling fans have “reverse” switches that change the direction the blades turn. This is for use during colder days when you have the heater running. The fan will take air from the upper part of the room and push it down to the lower part. Since heat rises and often hovers around the ceiling, this action will help a heating system more evenly heat up a room. You’ll have your warmth faster, and won’t need to keep the heating system on as long.

Ceiling fans are always a better idea than standing fans or desk fans: They can add to the decor, don’t take up floor or table space, and are safe for children and pets.

Help take stress off your air conditioner—and your utility bills—with ceiling fans. An electrician in Santa Rosa, CA can quickly set you up with effective and beautiful ceiling fans to add style, comfort, and energy efficiency to your home.