Electrical Safety and Caring for Your Pets

Electrical safety extends across the board, from humans to our pets. We should always be aware of the dangers around the house and in the yard. Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing those potential hazards exist, where they are, and how to prevent them.

Some rules of thumb to make sure your pets remain shock-free:

  • Make sure the plugs in your outlets are secure. An exposed prong can lead to a nasty zap.
  • Some animals like to chew on power cables. Make sure your electrical cords are in good condition. Treat with bitter-tasting pet deterrents or invest in pet-proof cords. You can also wrap your cords in flexible cable or PVC.
  • Don’t leave your electrical appliances unattended. Turn off and unplug any electronics before you leave the room.
  • Keep pets away from exposed lamps, especially ones with halogen bulbs.
  • Block your pets from the spaces behind your computer, TV equipment or any place where numerous electrical connections are present.
  • Be aware of any outdoor underground electrical or cable lines, especially if Fido likes to dig.
  • Don’t leave your pets out in an electrical storm. Bring them inside or move them to a safe place.

Keeping your pets safe from electrical dangers is easy – but it requires vigilance. Be sure to address any potential hazards before they result in a cat-astrophe! Contact your local Mister Sparky for more ways to keep you and your pet safe.