Updates to the National Electrical Code®

When it comes to following building codes, there is only way you can go. They are in place for a reason – to guarantee that you and your property are protected from electrical hazards. It’s always important to check out the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) for the most recent updates.

In fact, this year’s NEC® 2020 reflects major changes to the *code:

  1. Surge protection is required for dwelling units.
  1. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection is required in all 125-150-volt supplied by single-phase branch circuits.
  1. Outdoor emergency disconnects are not required for new construction, home renovation and home service replacement. This is especially important because it helps first responders to respond to emergencies without the threat of electrical harm.

*Please refer to the NEC® 2020 for more details.

The NEC® is updated every 3 years and has been adopted in all 50 states. There have been 15 revisions since the code’s inception in 1977. That’s 43 years of sound electrical safety advice! Approximately 51,000 electrical fires occur in the home each year, resulting in an estimated 500 deaths. Therefore, it’s important to educate yourself on the code. It may save your home; it may event save your life.

If you’re in need of electrical repair or updates to your home – or if you’re uncertain about whether or not your home is up to code – contact Mister Sparky! One of “America’s On-Time Electricians” will be sure to help you out.

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