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Outdoor lighting tips for your home


House with outdoor lighting

The next time you call your local residential electrician to come fix any electrical problems you have in your home, you may want to ask him or her about outdoor lighting. According to the American Lighting Association, exterior lighting can not only enhance the beauty of a home,  it can also provide safety and security. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're considering installing outdoor lighting.

Call a professional

Electrical work can be tricky and dangerous. Don't embark on a lighting project without the help of a professional. Ask a qualified electrician to do an assessment of your home at night. An expert will be able to pinpoint the darkest spots around your home and explain how you should light them.

Focus on the front door

One place you'll want to install outdoor lighting is your front door. Not only will this help you and your family at night, it will also allow you to clearly see anyone who rings your bell in the evening.

Illuminate your walkway

Consider illuminating the path leading up to the door to protect your guests (or family) from tripping as they walk to and from your home in the evening.

Get a timer

Talk to your electrician about having a timer installed to control your outdoor lights. This will ensure that if you come home late from work, your lights will be on and waiting for you. You can also use a timer to turn the lights on and off to give the impression of an occupied home when you’re away on vacation.

Consider lights in the pool

If you own a pool, talk to an electrician about installing lights inside it. This will help keep your loved ones safe during nighttime swims. Also, if you have a fountain, you may want to illuminate it as well to better show it off during the evening.

Light up your deck

Lighting your deck or porch will extend the hours you can spend there and create another option for entertaining guests.

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