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Football is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and it’s likely that many of you will be participating in football festivities this month. In fact, it’s expected that as many as 50 million Americans will be tailgating this year.[1] The popular pre-game activity has grown from a simple gathering to elaborate outdoor parties with all the conveniences of home. Given the new tailgating environment, proper electricity and equipment could make or break your set-up.

So if you’re hosting a tailgate this month, there are precautions you should take to ensure that your electrical and equipment requirements are met. Mister Sparky electrical services is here to help! Make sure your tailgate is the talk of the season with the tips below.&

  • First and foremost, do not run the car radio all day as the source of tailgate entertainment. This could cause the car battery to completely deplete. Instead, tailgaters should invest in a separate, high-quality sound system to ensure music is enjoyed all day long and heard above the roar of rowdy fans.
  • That said, a sound system will require batteries or access to electricity, which will require a generator.  While choosing a generator, make sure that it is portable enough that it's not a hassle to take to the stadium each week, but big enough that it will provide enough power.[2]
  • If you’re considering setting up a TV at your tailgate, be sure the generator is capable of powering such a large device, in addition to a stereo and any cooking supplies, like a crockpot or blender. Remember to consider how the sun could affect viewing the TV, and don’t forget to bring the satellite dish!
  • A generator that produces 1,000 watts should produce enough power to host a television and some warming trays.[3]
  • Tailgaters should consider the noise of the generator. Seventy decibels (dB) — the sound level of many generators — is about equal to the cabin noise on a B-757 flight. Sixty dB is equivalent to the volume of background music in a restaurant. Think twice about a generator that runs closer to 80 dB, which would be about as loud as a garbage disposal[4] and likely disturbing to fans.
  • Also consider the type of generator. Most portable generators run on gasoline, although some do operate on propane. Regardless of fuel intake, it is more important to consider fuel efficiency, especially noting how many hours the generator will run per gallon of gas. Nobody wants to refill the generator every two hours during a tailgate.[5]

Call one of our electricians today to schedule any consultations or upgrades that could help ensure your tailgate is a success for you and your guests.

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