Power up for March Madness

Here are tips from Mister Sparky to stay powered up for the big games.

Sarasota, FL (March 31, 2014) – Here’s the scene: den or man cave, climate controlled for optimal viewing comfort; big screen TV with surround sound and all your electronics fired up; refrigerator fully stocked with essential snacks and beverages and the pregame commentary is about to end. There is a lot riding on your electrical panel right now. Electricians at Mister Sparky® recommend these items to consider to keep you powered up through the NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball Championship:

  • Don’t overload your outlets. The National Fire Protection Association recommends plugging only one high-wattage appliance into each receptacle outlet at a time.[1]
  • Consider replacing your conventional power strip with an advanced power strips (APS.) APS prevent electronics from drawing power when they are turned off or not being used.
  • If outlets or switches feel warm, if the circuit trips frequently, if you notice flickering or dimming lights, have your home inspected by a qualified electrician.
  • Consider electric surge protection. There are basically two types: point of use and whole house. Point of use surge protectors usually plug into the wall and protect your electronics at their electric source.   A whole house surge protector is designed to protect your home from surges that enter through your electric supply. These do not protect from surges internally when you power things on and off. These are installed at the meter or electrical panel by a licensed electrical contractor.

Your team at Mister Sparky is ready to go for all your electrical needs. We install and maintain electrical panels, subpanels, circuits and wiring, generators, ceiling fans, lighting and surge protection. Contact your local Mister Sparky for more information.


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Mister Sparky electric is currently ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 500 franchise companies (#299) and ranked #1 in the Electrical Services category (2014.) The company has an impeccable record for delivering fast, on-time service, accurate upfront pricing, and an overall pleasant experience for customers. We differentiate ourselves from all other electrical companies by our unique message to the marketplace

[1] http://www.nfpa.org/~/media/Files/Safety%20information/Safety%20tip%20sheets/Electrical_Safety_Tips.pdf

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