Local Business Owner Expands Company

Home services company is growing. Will offer expanded service that will benefit customers and the local economy.

When it comes to electricity in and around your home, local business owner Trevor Rosendahl is charged up. Rosendahl recently expanded by opening Mister Sparky® electric, a full service residential electric company serving the greater Jacksonville area. Rosendahl also owns and operates Nitelites® an outdoor landscape lighting company and is the owner of 5-Star Outdoor Design Group, a design/build firm that specializes in luxury outdoor spaces.

“We were creating these wonderful outdoor spaces for our customers but they asked for more. There was a need for quality electrical service inside their homes. They knew and trusted us to do to the work outside and now we can offer complete service inside their homes too,” said Rosendahl. The company recently opened the new Mister Sparky offices in Jacksonville and hired several new employees. As the company grows, Rosendahl expects to hire additional electricians, technicians and support staff which will benefit the local economy. “People are investing in their homes again. We in turn are investing in our business and that ultimately translates into an investment in the community,” adds Rosendahl.

Trevor Rosendahl has been a local business owner for 15 years and currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach with his wife and four children. For more information on this growing local business, please contact:

Lisa Alder
General Manager
(904) 232-8959
Mister Sparky, Northeast Florida
5570 Florida Mining Blvd. S. #610
Jacksonville, FL 32257

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