Fall Sparks Busy Season for Electricians

From now through the end of the year, electricians will be busy. It’s a good time to get a jump on the season with your electrical needs.

It may happen at your home every year. You wish you had those extra outlets for the holiday lights or the new electronics. Here’s another scenario, there is always that one outlet that trips in the bathroom, or you wish you could add that new ceiling fan in the guest bedroom. All good reasons to call an electrician and you’re not alone. Fall starts the busy season for those working in the residential electrical industry. Electricians with Mister Sparky® recommend these items to consider as the calendar turns officially to fall:

  1. Get a jump on the holiday season. If you are considering adding extra lighting or outlets, do it now before the seasonal rush. This is also a good time for an electrical inspection at your home to make sure you stay powered up for the fall and winter. Electricians can check to make sure your electrical systems work correctly and identify potential trouble spots.
  2. Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These are critical items in your home every day and even more so when gas heaters, holiday decorations and the colder weather approaches.
  3. Outside of your home. Make sure leaves and debris are swept away from your outdoor electrical outlets and outdoor lighting to reduce hazards.
  4. Remember Safety. There are many home maintenance projects you can do to save money, but when it comes to working with electricity, we recommend hiring a trusted professional.

For more on electrical safety and seasonal electrical tips, contact your local Mister Sparky. Mister Sparky electric is currently ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 500 franchise companies (#299) and ranked #1 in the Electrical Services category (2014.) The company has an impeccable record for delivering fast, on-time service, accurate upfront pricing, and an overall pleasant experience for customers.

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