Energy Saving Tips from Electricians on Earth Day

Every day is a good day to conserve electricity.  Electricians from Mister Sparky® offer these suggestions to consider at your home as Earth Day approaches.

Sarasota, FL (April 21, 2014) – Check your electric bill and you may see the numbers don’t always add up to show savings. For Earth Day electricians at Mister Sparky offer these suggestions for small investments you can make that can pay off big for your wallet and the environment.

Lighting and Appliances

According to Energy Star, lighting and appliances combined account for 25% of the total energy use in most homes. By replacing the light bulbs on the five most used lighting fixtures in your home with Energy Star qualified lights you can save $70 dollars a year in energy costs.[i] Options include light emitting diode (LED) lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs.) New appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers are made to be more energy efficient and use less water than older appliances. If your budget allows, consider replacement of older appliances.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a cost effective way to cool your home. Use these when you are in a room instead of adjusting the thermostat on your air conditioning system. You can also install fans in rooms that don’t currently have them. This can be done yourself, or with the help of a qualified electrician.

Power Strips

Consider using advanced power strips (APS.) An APS prevents electronics from drawing power when they are turned off or not being used, by switching off the entire power strip.

For more on upgrades and changes you can make with your home’s electrical use, contact the trusted electricians at Mister Sparky.


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