You have to protect your assets against the devastating effects of power surges, especially if you possess expensive electrical equipment. Apart from lighting, which is rarely frequent, power surges can emerge from various other sources, including faulty wiring, downed electricity lines, or even faulty equipment from the utility company. These kinds of electrical disturbances (transients) are dangerous and have the capability to cause fires. However, finding an expert electrician to install surge protectors can help reduce the chances of a prospective power surge. Hiring a professional electrician to check for potential surge sources in your home can save you a lot of damage, particularly on your electrical appliances. Various electrical firms in Conway, SC, can offer electrical repair services that also cover surge protector installations. But have you ever stopped to think how power surges cause damage?

How a Power Surge Causes Damage?

Power surges are considered to be the most destructive of the four power disturbances. In general, power surges cause harm by increasing the amount of voltage and power flowing through a circuit. In the U.S, most houses use a single-phase alternating current. Here, the electrical power amounts to about 120volts. The power is distributed in a rising and falling rhythm but is not delivered directly to the system. The voltage follows the predetermined rhythm oscillating from 0 to 169. Many electrical appliances in the U.S are designed to make use of power by this form of generated electricity. Nonetheless, during an electrical surge, the voltage surpasses the peak voltage of 169. Consequently, your appliances’ circuits and other electrical components get damaged by the power overflow.

Causes of Electrical Surges

As aforementioned, electrical surges are transient waves on an electric circuit. When your appliances receive an increased amount of voltage, even for a short while, there’s they are prone to damage and can even catch fire. Lightning, for instance, can cause instantaneous harm to your appliances by frying the circuit and melting plastic and metal parts. Nonetheless, power surges can result due to several reasons. Some of them include:

  • Operating high-voltage devices such as elevators, refrigerator or ACs
  • Lightning (such cases occur rarely)
  • Downed power lines

While there is a lesser chance of electrical surges, contracting a professional electrician to prove your suspicion provides a way to ensure you are protected against probable power surges. This is a dauntless task, especially if you live in sophisticate regions like Conway, SC. However, you should contract expert electricians with profound experience to help curb down the potential causes of electrical surges. Many reasons call for protection against power surges. Some of them include

Prevent Damage to Electrical Equipment

As time passes, many of your electrical appliances get old and that’s something you can’t control. Things like power surges, power spikes and other electrical disturbances can lead to swift wear and tear of your devices. However, you can ensure they function properly before their warranty expires by guarding them. This helps you save a lot of money on repairs and purchasing replacements. As such, you should request for professional assistance to reduce the chances of such occurrences. In areas like Conway, SC, you can locate one-of-the-many electrical repair firms that offer a variety of services.

Increase the Longevity of Your Appliances

When you look after your electrical devices, their efficiency and longevity increases. This is easier said than done since you might lack the capabilities to do so. That’s why contracting a professional electrician to help with their maintenance is vital. Power surges are common causes of damage that may face your electrical appliances. They can also lead to burnt circuits that subsequently undermine the devices’ functionality. Nonetheless, having an electrician over to install a surge protector or troubleshoot your overall electric system can protect your assets from power surges.

Guards Your Assets from Potential Fires

Power surges are dangerous and have the potential to cause fires. Sufficient enough surges can cause fires that can burn down your entire home or business. You can have an electrician install a lightning arrestor on your building to prevent power surges. However, various other faults in the system can cause electrical surges. Overloading your circuit or problems with the utility’s company equipment can lead to a power surge. In regions such as Conway, SC you can effortlessly locate reputable firms that offer electrical repair services. They can help with the installation of protective devices that guard your assets against power surges.

Protects Your Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breaker is the barrier that keeps your devices safe from excess current. In case of an overload, the circuit breaker breaks the connection, severing the transmission of electricity. Faulty breakers can fail to protect your appliances against power surges adequately. Frequent power surges can lead to a defective circuit breaker. However, installing protective measures against power surges can help reduce the damage to circuit breakers and other home appliances. Such cases call for a professional who can expertly install and perform future repairs on the electrical equipment. Before you contract an electrical service firm, you should consider reviewing various aspects to gauge their competence. From experience to reputation, you can look up several customer reviews and expert ratings before making your selection.

Professional Electrical Services

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