If you can find one or two things in your house that don’t depend on electricity to run you’d be hard-pressed to categorize them among essentials. There’s a certain metric by which we can measure how advanced a certain country or region of the world is and that’s by taking a satellite photo of it and looking at how much of it is lit up. Looking at the world today, the brightest corners of continents and countries are usually the ones that are the most affluent, the most modern and the most well-connected to the rest of the world.

It’s practically a cliché now to look at that comparison photograph of the two Koreas. South Korea is lit up; it’s one of the most prosperous economies in the world and is the picture of affluence. North Korea has a few bright corners around its territories but it’s mostly dark, symbolizing the backward and miserable state most of the country is in.

Even if you take an example close to home and look at local power outages you can be sure that the ones experiencing them were irked at least slightly. Even if you don’t have electricity or are up short an electrical outlet or two, you can be sure that’s going to affect your daily routine or connectivity to the rest of the world in some way or the other. That’s why it’s a good thing to have an Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC.

Mistakes & Missteps

Human folly is universal. Even the smartest people leap before they look. They let hurriedness and overconfidence get the better of them. Most people do this when they plug in a new appliance or switch on a piece of hardware that they’ve bought recently. It’s rated for a different voltage or amperage than the one at your house. As a result of using this incompatibility issue, we end up damaging the outlet or the appliance. An Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC can alleviate this misfortune and at least give you peace of mind.

Wear and tear and use over a long period of time can also damage internal wiring and outer casings that can result in short circuits, overheating, electrical blowouts as well as the odd electrocution. An Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC would know this. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Division in the US estimates that almost 50 people die each year of accidental electrocution due to faulty wiring, damaged panel boards, circuit breakers, and outlets. Having these statistics in front of you can make a better case of having an Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC on speed dial than any ad ever can.

Inspections & Fires

Faulty wiring has also been the cause of many fires. Around 350,000 fires occurred in the United States in 2010 according to various reputable surveys. That’s why it’s important to have an Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC come over to your home and do a full electrical inspection. They will make sure the wiring in your house, as well as the different appliances in use all, match the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC) rules.

These services will also install ground fault interrupters (GFIs) to make sure that any moisture that may creep in around the house during the rainy season or during morning dew doesn’t affect the wiring. This will not only prevent fires but also electrocutions.

Main Electrical Panels

If you’ve ever noticed that big box that’s mounted to the wall in your garage, you’d know that it’s the main electrical panel in your house. It’s the control center for all of the power that reaches your home from the main electrical grid. And that’s usually the most robust and solid piece of electrical equipment in your home. However, it too needs repairs.

An Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC can repair or upgrade that panel depending on your needs. For instance, when you add more appliances to your home or make additions to it, you may need to install new wiring in that addition. This could include anything from standard to high-grade wiring that may be required for a workshop or a recreation room with soundproofing and high fidelity audio.

This will all take a pretty big toll on the main electrical panel. It may even require another sub-panel to be added to bear that extra load. The Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC you use should be able to outfit your panel the way you want it and not leave any room for callbacks.

In fact, the service should be so good as to guarantee that your troubles are over for at least a few years before any further repairs or upgrades are required.


You may have had times when the lights just won’t stop flickering, your television may not stop switching on and off and your ceiling fans may slow down and speed-up on a whim. This is most likely due to a fluctuation in voltage. This may occur due to a problem with the electrical grid in your area or due to a problem in your electrical panel.

An Emergency Electrical Service in Shallotte, NC will be able to suit your needs quite aptly. However, they would need to be able to find the source of the problem quickly and isolate it from the rest of the house so that small damages do not escalate.

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