Do you wish to save your family and yourself from electrical accidents? Electricians in Shallotte, NC can help you do that. We all know that electricity is a blessing to mankind. Inventions like light bulbs, hairdryers, fans, and microwave oven have made our lives easy. We rely way too much on electricity, so much so that we often forget that it’s also a big hazard for us.

Living around electrical hazards, it’s important to be vigilant and take preventative measures to minimize the chances of electrical accidents. One such measure is to get your house wiring grounded. This will significantly reduce the risk of electrical accidents such as getting electrocuted and catching an electrical fire. Electricians in Shallotte, NC can help you get your house wiring grounded. Hire an electrician today to ensure your family remains safe.

Before we jump on the reasons why you should get your house wiring grounded, you need to know what grounding exactly is and how it works.

What Is Electrical Grounding?

If you take a look at the wiring of your house, you will notice that there are two wires in every household circuit. One is the live wire which supplies power to the circuit while the other one is the neutral wire which serves as a returning path for the current. Electricians in Shallotte, NC can tell you which colors are used for the live and neutral wires in your house. Usually, a black or red color is used to represent the live wire while white is used to represent the neutral wire.

An additional grounding wire can be attached to the two-wire system for safety reasons. A green or yellowish-green colored wire is used for grounding. This wire provides added security because it helps in establishing physical contact with the ground. In the case of a short circuit or an overflow of current, the ground wire will provide a separate path for the current to flow through. This will ensure that the current does not flow through your body or cause sparks which may lead to a fire.

Without a ground wire, the chances that your appliances get blown up are also very high. Therefore, we can say that grounding will not only keep you and your family safe. It will also help in keeping your electrical appliances healthy. You should look for reliable electricians in Shallotte, NC to help you get your house wiring grounded.

How to Check for Electrical Grounding in Your House?

The first most obvious sign of electrical grounding in your house can be observed by looking at the power outlets. Three-prong outlets indicate that your house is electrically grounded because the third prong is the one that’s connected to the ground wire. To make sure that your house wiring is really grounded, you need to look for electricians in Shallotte, NC. It might turn out that the third prong is not connected to the ground but it is only there to give a false impression.

Why Should You Get Your House Grounded?

If you have two-prong outlets all-around your house, you should consider getting your house wiring grounded. Electricians in Shallotte, NC believe that grounding brings a lot of benefits to your house. Here are the most important benefits that will convince you to get your house wiring grounded as soon as possible.

1. Protection Against Electrical Overload

Grounding electrical circuits protect your lights, fans and other appliances from overload and also saves people from getting an electric shock in case they touch those appliances. Power surges may occur due to a number of reasons. The most common ones are internal surges that occur if you have heavy-duty appliances in your house which take up a lot of currents. They consume electricity from other appliances and cause the electrical system to malfunction. Electricians in Shallotte, NC suggest that you should get your house electrically grounded to protect your system against overload.

Lighting can also cause a power surge at your house. If a lightning bolt strikes the power lines outside your house, it will cause a large amount of electricity to flow through your household electrical system and cause it to blow your appliances or cut off power from your house. Grounding will make sure that the excess electricity gets a separate path to flow and save your electrical system as well as your appliances.

2. Stabilize Voltage Levels

All the appliances in your house do not have the same power rating which means that they need different amounts of electricity to function properly. The ground wire will make sure that electricity is supplied evenly throughout your house without overloading the circuits. A stable voltage level will make sure that all your appliances work as they should. Electricians in Shallotte, NC can help you get your household wiring grounded.

3. Prevent Electrical Fire

Grounding can significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires at home. Thousands of houses in the US catch fire because of electrical accidents which result in huge property losses. Apart from monetary loss, it also results in injuries and deaths. Electricians in Shallotte, NC recommend getting your house electrically grounded to prevent electrical fires.

They say that prevention is better than cure. Hence, you should schedule regular electrical maintenance by hiring a professional electrician. They will check your house wiring for faults and also inspect your appliances to make sure that your house is free from electrical hazards. You should also take steps to make sure that your kids are safe. Teach them that water and electricity do not mix and that they should not touch electrical appliances or plug anything in without adult supervision.

In case you are still confused about the importance of grounding your household wiring, you should consult an electrician. Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach provides the best electricians in Shallotte, NC. They are highly experienced and know what it takes to keep your house safe from electrical hazards. Visit our website or give us a call at (843) 508-9631.