Our lives revolve around electricity. It is a commodity no one can live without in modern times. Be it ceiling fans, lighting or TVs – all devices essential to our current lifestyle, need electricity.

So, what do you do when a problem develops with your electric supply? Try dealing with the issue yourself and hope not to get electrocuted?

Mismanagement of electricity or even faulty installation of electrical equipment can lead to the development of a series of hazards. The slightest of malfunction can cause loss of precious equipment, lifelong injuries, and even death.

The best way to avoid all this is to contact an electrical contractor who knows his way around these things. And if you’re looking for an electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach; there isn’t be a better choice than the household name of Mister Sparky.

The Need of the Hour

Electrical contractors are a must for setting up and dealing with electrical apparatus in any environment. But for the coastal paradise of Myrtle Beach; the need for professional skill has another meaning altogether.

The economy of Myrtle Beach depends on the tourism industry and manufacturing. Smooth running of electrical frameworks are necessary for these industries to succeed.

Let’s take a look at why choosing only the best electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach is a necessity for any thriving business.

Serving Pilgrims of Paradise

Myrtle Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of South Carolina. An estimated 14 million people visit the town each year to take in its astounding beauty. The industry not only serves as the backbone of the city’s economy but also the wheel that sets forward the lives of its citizens.

For any local business catering to tourists from all over the country, excellent service is critical to stay relevant. Any malfunction of electrical devices can be bad news for business. Customers expect their amenities to be top-notch and will have little patience for any inconvenience. They need their problem to be fixed immediately.

Moreover, the arrangement of good lighting and smoke detectors is essential for an accomplished establishment. Any unfortunate incident caused by faulty installation can become the noose around the neck of a business. To deal with such issues, businesses must rely on electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach who are available round the clock and equipped with expertise and experience.


The Myrtle Beach community also depends on the manufacturing industries. A number of industries make a home there, including producers of foam, rubber, and ceramics. Manufacturing is a business that runs on efficient use of resources, steady production, and sustainable quality. All these things rely on expensive manufacturing equipment that is difficult to get or replace.

Faulty set up of electrical apparatus can damage precious equipment. It can also hurt the production process and affect the quality of the products. While short circuits can cause fires that no business can ever be able to afford. To keep the wheel running, business owners in Myrtle Beach need to rely on an electrical contractor that excels in skill, experience and assures top quality work.

Homing up to the Task

A home is a place where we keep our loved ones close and feel safest. Sea breeze from Myrtle Beach can damage electrical appliances easily. Also, home wiring needs to be set up according to code compliance to ensure all safety standards are met. To keep our homes safe from electrical mishaps, you can only rely on experts.

Things to Consider while Choosing Electrical Contractors

Choosing the wrong electrical contractor can end up bad for any number of reasons. People in need of electrical handiwork should look out for the following things:


Any electrical contractor you trust the safety of your work, home or business with should be certified. Qualified professionals may charge more, but a faulty service can cost you way more. Compromising on safety is never an option. Only hire certified electricians with qualified backgrounds.


A problem at the nth hour is a huge headache. Your electrical contractor should bededicated to their job and available for emergency repair.


Unprofessional electricians solve one problem and create another. Often these technicians leave the debris left from their work for you to clean. Choose electrical contractors that clean up after their work.


Trust people that give you a solution that lasts. Professionals own their work and guarantee what they do.


Some electricians tend to sneak up charges if you’re not careful with them. You should always be clear what you’re paying for their services.

The Solution?

So, who do you call when your electrical device stops working? Finding the thing you’re looking for can be a grind. Luckily for the citizens of Myrtle Beach, they have a home-grown service provider around: Mister Sparky.

The company has been one of the top-performing names in the area, and was ranked as the top Electrical Services franchise by Entrepreneur in 2014.


Their technicians go through a strenuous selection process. In which only certified technicians with qualified backgrounds are handpicked for their ability and expertise. It doesn’t end with that; these professionals are trained through workshops and seminars. The routine these technicians go through includes regular tests day in and day out.


Opportunities such as discounts and coupons are available. The company believes in giving value to their customers. If any of their technicians is late or does not clean up after working, customers have the liberty to not pay them. They also offer guaranteed work. Any repaired item which fails within the first year of normal use is replaced or repaired without cost.


The company gives options for solving electrical problems. They detail their customers about the price before they start. Because no work is started before the customer’s approval; there are no hidden charges.

With so many options and no equivalent in quality of service; Mister Sparky is the best electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach.