Most homes, especially old ones have electrical systems that often require an upgrade or repair. As technology is constantly advancing, the latest electrical codes are making new homes much safer. As a result, old residences are under great pressure to keep up with the accelerating pace of the latest technology.

It is important that we keep up with these changes to make your house a safer place.

This is why you should never delay calling an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC. The safety of your home and your family should always be a priority.

This article discusses certain situations in which you should definitely call an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC to solve your electrical issues instantly.

1.  The Lights are Constantly Flickering

If the lights flicker and wane in your home constantly, then this is a sign you must not ignore. If your ceiling lights suddenly dim when you switch on your air conditioner, then this is an alarming sign. This is because certain electrical appliances draw lots of current and they should ideally be wired on dedicated circuits solely for them.

In such a situation, you should call an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC right away. For larger appliances, they will create a wiring dedicated to them. For smaller appliances that cause problems, a trained emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC will add a 20 am line to them.

2.  Electrical Surfaces are Burning Up

If electrical outlets, switches or systems always feel very warm then It is a good time to call an Emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC. Furthermore, if you notice any blackening on a switch terminal or wall, then there may be a serious problem that is only going to get worse, It is a potential safety risk that should be looked into right away.

This problem may be happening because there is too much demand on a simple circuit or something far more complicated and dangerous. The bottom line is it would be wise not to ignore such subtle signs. We recommend booking an appointment with an Emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC to ensure there is no fuse waiting to catch fire.

3.  Rusting Seems to Be Taking Over

If you see any moisture or rust on or below your home’s main service panel, then do call an electrical service for an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC. Rusting and moisture mean something most certainly is wrong.

Moisture and rust at the main panel can cause your main panel to deteriorate quickly. This harms the main wiring connections within your entire electrical system and should be a cause of a serious concern. Do not delay calling an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC under such circumstances as that will only create further damage for your electrical system.

4.  Electrical Circuit Breakers Are Always Tripping

If the electrical circuit breakers trip often and many fuses blow all the time, then your circuits need repair. This usually happens when a circuit is drawing more current than they should be. In order to safely provide the required amount of current, you need to call an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC.

These trained electricians will fix any dangerous fault in on or more of the circuits in your home. This will ensure the circuit breakers do not continue to repeatedly trip. This will also put an end to blown fuses.

5.  Wires Under Carpets and Rugs

If your home has many wires running under rugs and furniture, then this can cause a dangerous mishap. Wires under rugs is not an ideal situation as the rugs can easily catch fire in the case of any fuses.

This is a sign that you surely need more outlets. You can contact an emergency electrician in Shallotte, NC to solve this problem for you. No more tripping over wires that are hidden under the rugs, sounds good doesn’t it?

6.  Add-ons Are Strangling Your Power Outlets

If your plugs are constantly strangled with too many addons and plug strips, then you might need some professional help. Addons can cause your electrical system to work beyond its normal capacity.  An electrician can fix this problem by creating additional circuits to fix the problem restore the order and safety in your home.

7.  Outdated Insulation Methods

If you live in an older home, then there are high chances of it having very old methods of insulation installed in the switches. You can remove your switch cover to examine this. If you find pieces of black rubber and wires covered with cloth, then this means your insulation methods are seriously outdated.

These wires and electrical switches need to be updated as the old methods do not meet the modern requirements of electrical insulation. You must update these immediately to ensure you can freely use any modern electrical appliances without damaging your electrical system.

8.  Wet Locations Don’t Have Extra Protection

Wet locations now need outlets to be protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. This includes places like your kitchen, bathrooms, basement or your garage. The installation of these will make your home safer and code compliant. You can contact Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach to install these in your home.

Final Word

So the 8 subtle signs which are discussed above should be taken as a warning. These small problems can lead to bigger ones in a matter of seconds. Your family and your home deserve the utmost care and you should make sure you never put it at risk by ignoring any of the signs explained above.

Scheduling an emergency appointment with an electrician is now easier than ever! If you’re looking for a company to provide you quality services at the best rates, make sure to contact Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach.

You can also call them on their emergency helpline at (843) 508-9631 and get help right away! They have a reputation of being on time and providing quality services at your doorstep!