While we haven’t really gotten into the heat or the main part of the summer season, the rising temperatures around us are indicative of what is to come. Not only are the rising temperatures responsible for the sweat on your forehead, but they also lead to the rise in electricity bills.

Not many homeowners can afford a stark increase in their energy bills with the arrival of summers, which is why we will be talking about energy saving tips in greater detail here. The arrival of summer and what comes along with it can make homeowners fret, which is why we have gathered the opinion of electricians in Shallotte, NC and mentioned tips on how you can reduce the energy bills for your home.

These tips have been gathered by taking recommendations from some of the best electricians in Shallotte, NC. We want your summers to be free of any stress whatsoever, and saving money on your electricity bills is the best bet for you here.

So, we will cut short the chase, and get straight to some of the simple ways you can implement for saving energy within your home. Follow these methods, and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Air Conditioner Temperature

Your air conditioner temperature can have a big impact on your energy bill. Electricians in Shallotte, NC believe that the air conditioner temperature, if regulated well, can actually save a lot of costs for you. Now, we would recommend you to go for temperatures of around 78 degrees when you are at home.

The higher the temperature is, the more cost savings you would make. Now, obviously you would also want to have your comfort within the home. There is no use for your AC, if you aren’t able to have comfort inside your home.

So, try finding that sweet spot, at which you can have comfort within your home, without breaking the bank with the electricity bill. We’ve noticed that 78 degrees or higher is often that sweet spot, but your AC needs to be working at an optimal level for you to derive content from this temperature. You can have the AC checked by an electrician in Shallotte, NC if you feel that the AC isn’t cooling the way it should be.

Have Your AC Tuned and Maintained

Since your air conditioning unit has been turned off for most of the winter season, you would walk into the summer season with an air conditioner that hasn’t been put under extensive use for quite some time now.

Knowing this, the responsibility to get the air conditioner tuned and checked for repairs falls upon your shoulders. You should make sure that before you turn the air conditioner on, it should be checked and every item maintained properly.

Get an electrician in Shallotte, NC and have them look over the system for any flaws or need for improvement. The air filter is one item that needs periodic repair, so you should have it checked and maintained at the earliest.

By getting the AC unit checked on time, and by repairing any flaws, you are not only reducing the chances of a big repair later down the line, but are also ensuring that your AC unit keeps giving an efficient performance. An efficient unit would consume less electricity, and be less of a burden on your shoulders.

Minimize Indoor Heat

The heat generated by electrical units inside your home, should be minimized during the summers. Start by using the dishwasher and other electrical items like the microwave, only during the night. Try air drying your dishes, as that is also a viable option. Additionally, you can use an outdoor grill instead of a microwave oven inside your home.

The outside grill would ensure that you can get your heating needs, without generating undue heat inside your home. The generation of heat from electrical appliances within your home can be quite taxing for your air conditioner. The air conditioner would then be required to work at excessively low temperatures, and would eventually fall prey to repairs. Besides this, electricians in Shallotte, NC believe that an air conditioner unit that is performing at excessively low temperatures is prone to give extensive energy bills.

So, maintain the temperature within your home, and ensure that the air conditioning system isn’t being put under extensive trouble.

Windows and Blinds Closed

The summer heat can be quite hard, and can penetrate through your windows and walls to create hell inside of your home. The best way to stop this heat from wrecking your comfort within home is to have blinds and windows closed at all times.

Blinds play an important role in safeguarding your privacy and maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home. Without the right blinds, sunlight can easily seep in to your home and create the atmosphere really hot for you and your family. The best way forward here is to have blinds that are closed at all times.

Additionally, electricians in Shallotte, NC believe that an extra layer of insulation on the walls can also go a long way in maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your home. By reducing the penetration of external weather forces inside your home, you’re putting fewer burdens on your AC unit, and eventually reducing your energy bills.

This is why you should trust our expert electricians in Shallotte, NC for all electrical solutions and repairs in your home. Go ahead and call (843) 508-9631 to book an appointment or visit our website to find out more.