Floods, storms and similar severe weather not only disrupt your everyday routine but they can also pose dangers and risks if you aren’t prepared for them. One of these major hazards during severe weather involves electricity.

An example of electricity as a hazard in extreme weather can be seen during a major storm. These storms have the capacity to damage power lines, trees, buildings, and even your electrical wiring. This is exactly why electricians in Shallotte, NC have compiled the most effective tips that can prepare you for severe weather events. If you follow these tips, then you can avoid all the dangers and risks posed by electrical hazards caused by severe weather changes.

How to Prepare For These Electrical Hazards

Electricians in Shallotte, NC advise everyone to be prepared during storms as it can minimize the damage and loss caused by them. Let’s enlighten you about how you can prepare yourself for these risks.

1.    Loose Items

Everything in your home that may seem like loose items should be packed away securely. This is because strong winds can carry these away and pose a risk to the power lines around your property. You should also secure all your patio or outdoor furniture which includes gardening tools or any fixtures in your yard.

2.    Trim Your Trees

Electricians in Shallotte, NC have found that thin branches can break away easily during severe weather conditions and harm surrounding power lines. If these branches are already quite close to the power lines, then you should heed the advice of electricians in Shallotte, NC on how to trim them.

3.    Power Lines

You should know where the power lines are around your home. These power lines should be away from your home, trees or anything on your property. If these power lines are close enough and pose the risk of damaging your property in the event of severe weather, then you should contact electricians in Shallotte, NC right away. You may even need professional arborists to trim those branches as they pose a risk to the power lines.

4.    Prepare All the Right Supplies

During floods or storms, you should have all the right supplies stashed away beforehand. These supplies should include batteries, bottled water, radios, torches, refreshments, food, and blankets. Other than these necessities, pack for things that are specific to your needs like medicines for your health conditions. You know your needs better than us. Stash away!

5.    Weather Proof Your Home

In order to do so, electricians in Shallotte, NC advise that you get all those annoying little leaks fixed right away. Other than this, you should inspect your roof for any loose tiles and effectively clean your gutters as well.

6.    Know Where the Turn-off Switches Are

During severe, electricians in Shallotte, NC, have found that certain freak emergencies require homeowners to know where all the ‘turn-off’ switches are. These include valves for water supply and gas appliances, and switches for electrical appliances. In the event of an emergency, you would just need to flip off the right switch, knob or valve.

7.    Electrical Equipment

All the unnecessary and unneeded electrical equipment should be packed away and stored in safe and secure places in your home. Other than this, all electrical equipment should be unplugged before the weather change strikes. In short, you shouldn’t wait for the very last moment to take safety measures.

8.    Solar Panels

If your home uses these to generate power, then electricians in Shallotte, NC recommend that you turn them off using recommended isolation procedures. When the severe weather has passed, you should stay away from the fixture until you get it inspected by the right electricians in Shallotte, NC.

9.    Surge Protectors

Electricians in Shallotte, NC recommend homeowners to install surge protectors on all of their switchboards in the event of severe weather conditions. If this weather change causes your switchboards to have electrical surges, then all your appliances and devices won’t be affected.

When the Severe Weather Change Hits

You should be staying indoors for the entirety of the storm or weather change in order to stay out of harm’s way. Stay warm and dry. You should also keep your radio on the entire time to stay updated on weather news or any other important announcements about your neighborhood.

During the storm, electricians in Shallotte, NC advise staying away from landlines. This is so because even these landlines can cause surprise shocks. If your landline is employed on a fiber-optics network then it is completely safe to use them. Still, it is best to use your mobile phone for emergencies.

If floods or any other hazards come dangerously close to your property, then it is always advisable to move. This is because floods can reach levels where they will be in contact with exposed sockets or other electrical hazards. When this happens, you’ll be at risk of dangerous electrocutions.

If you’re on the road, then it is best to stay as far away from power lines, watercourses, and trees as possible. Lastly, while on the move, if you see any fallen power lines, it is very important to notify the relevant authorities right away. You should even stay vigilant of power lines that may have fallen and are concealed – like those that are stuck under trees.

After The Storm Has Passed

When you’ve come safely out of the storm, then it is still necessary to listen to your radio to stay up to date about any further weather warnings. Other than this, you have to assume all power lines are still live and steer clear of them while avoiding any contact with them.

In terms of all repairs that are needed in your home, you need to call in professional electricians in Shallotte, NC. We recommend you don’t go at this chore alone as all conductive materials and electrical cords can still be a potential electrical hazard.

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