Study rooms can be great for any house or apartment. They are a place where you can work on the computer, do paperwork in tax season, read, study or write.

Who Needs a Study Room?

Now you may be thinking: who would need a study room? A study room can be great for anyone, it provides a quiet space to sit and reflect, read for pleasure or for school, or even do some work.

Study rooms and home offices are especially good for:


Writers and academics often need to pore over books and type on their laptops for hours. They then need a specific designated space to work, one that is secluded from other living spaces and has perfect lighting and conditions for them to research, write and edit.


Students will benefit a lot from a study room. If you are in college, high school, or if you are even in graduate school, a study room can be the place where the magic happens. Study rooms can let you have a peaceful place to write papers, brainstorm ideas and read your course material.


If you like to read, you can set up a mini library and reading nook for the family in the study room. You can have comfortable sofas and a book selection for children and adults. You can either read individually or make it a group activity.


Freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home can benefit from a separate working space. Having a space to go to where you can get work done will allow you to be disciplined and comfortable.

You can get task lighting installed by an electrician service to create a work environment especially at home. Nowadays remote workers often need to Skype or have online networking. Having a study room could mean you have an appropriate, private space for those interactions.

Some Tips for Study Room Lighting

If you are going to have a study room, you need to make sure the environment within the room is just perfect. Here a few tips that can make it get that way:


You can paint it green or another neutral color because they stimulate thinking and creativity.  You should make sure you have all the essentials in the room for work or studying: stationary, notebooks, chargers, Wi-Fi connections and scanners.If you have to leave the room less often, chances are you will be more focused.


If you want to increase productivity, you’re going to pick cool light bulbs and LED bulbs.  Warmer lighting will make you feel like you want to rest and sleep. Cool lighting options can be recommended by Mister Sparky electrician services in Shallotte, NC.


Task lighting is great for any room that is specifically meant for getting work or jobs done. Examples of task lights are table lamps or pendant lights. They make everything visible and make you focus on the task at hand because the light is concentrated and can be installed by any electrician service in Shallotte, NC.


If you can, you should open the window during the day and let the natural light seep in along with the morning breeze. This will help motivate you to work and make the morning more refreshing.

You will save on energy costsduring the day and have a bit of fresh air even if deadlines are forcing you to stay indoors all day in Shallotte, NC.

Natural light is cost-effective, energy-efficient and can make you feel more awake, energized and ready to take on the day.


If you want to make the space more versatile, you can have an electrician service in Shallotte, NC, install dimmers and controls for the lights. This can help convert the study room to a relaxing TV room at night with dimmed, warmer lights.

This is especially recommendable for Shallotte, NC houses with less space where rooms have to have dual functions.

Lighting Options

You can look to have an electrician service in Shallotte, NC install any of the following fixtures:


Table or desk lamps can be set on the places you need lighting for reading or work. They are portable, adjustable and direct the perfect amount of light to your particular reading material.


Wall-mounted lamps can be an excellent option for readers and students since they can light up small spaces and be fitted into the wall overhead so the light falls on your book or study material directly.

Having a lamp on the wall instead of your desk or study table can ensure you have more space on your desk for notes, books, stationary and laptops.


Recessed lighting can help you have direct, overhead and cool lighting in your study room. You can emphasize particular areas with recessed lighting so perhaps an electrician service in Shallotte, NC can install them over your reading nooks or above your desks.


If you can, you should always work or study during the day in order to have a healthier routine. In daytime, you can make use of natural light to be able to work well and brighten up in the morning. Shallotte mornings are especially bright so you can take advantage of that.

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