In today’s world, it is impossible to imagine life without electricity. In the event of a power outage, it seems as if life suddenly comes to a standstill. Simple everyday tasks that are taken for granted cannot be completed without electricity. And yet it is a fact that electricity is very dangerous. It causes thousands of injuries and deaths every year mainly due to lack of safety. Therefore, we should take all possible measures to ensure our own safety and the safety of everyone else around us when it comes to electrical hazards.

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The best part is that it only requires a little care to reduce the danger posed by electrical hazards. You should start teaching your kids from a very young age about the importance of electrical safety. You should tell them about the following:

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe from Electrical Hazards | Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC

Never Fly Kites Close to Power Lines

Electricity tries to find the path of least resistance towards the ground. If you touch the power line with a kite cable then you wind up becoming the path of least resistance between the power line and the ground. Therefore, you should teach kids to always fly kites in open fields. Additionally, kids should never fly kites on rooftops owing to the danger of falls.

No Drone Activity Close to Power Lines

Drones are becoming ubiquitous and kids seem to have a special affinity for these remote-controlled flying marvels. Unfortunately, drones pose several safety hazards to both the users and those around them. If drones crash into power lines they can fail and come falling down. Drones can be heavy and falling objects are always hazardous. There is also the possibility that the power line will break. This is even more dangerous since live wires are extremely dangerous and live high-tension lines are certainly the most dangerous.

Always Keep Your Distance from Electrical Substations

If a ball or some other object falls inside the fence of the electrical substations then the local power authority should be called for help. Kids must never try to climb over the fence. Only trained professionals with full safety gear should enter the substation.

Stay Far Away from Transformers

There should always be a clear warning and danger sign around underground pad mount transformers. You should teach kids to keep their distance from these boxes and play somewhere else.

Also, make sure they know not to ever climb trees close to power lines. This is important because trees can become electrified if they touch power lines. So you should warn kids to stay far away from trees that are in any way close to power lines. Even if branches are close (but not touching the power line) several dangers are possible. The wind could force branches to touch power lines or the weight of a child could bring a branch into contact with cables.

Water and Electricity Are Dangerous in Combination

Electrical equipment must always be dry and should be kept far away from water. This is because water is a very good conductor of electricity. If any electrical or electronic equipment has become wet, it should never be plugged into an electrical outlet. Besides posing the danger of electrocution, water can also damage electric equipment.

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  • Never Yank out the Power Cord of Any Electrical Equipment

The best way to disconnect any electrical device is to first turn its switch off and then turn off the switch on the power outlet. You can then gently hold the plug and pull it out from the socket. Pulling out the power cord by tugging on the insulated wire is dangerous because the outlet, plug or appliance can get damaged and may become unsafe.

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Never Use Damaged Cords

If a power cord shows any signs of fraying or wear, it should be immediately disposed-off. You should try to replace with a new power cord in good condition.

Keep All Wires out of the Way

Wires should never be placed in people’s path. They can be especially dangerous in areas with high pedestrian traffic. They pose the danger of trips and falls if they lie in walking areas. There is also the danger of electrocution upon making contact with wires.

Some people think that it’s safe to keep wires under carpets and rugs since they won’t come into direct contact with people walking on them. This is a dangerous misconception. Wires can get pinched and the insulation can get frayed and worn out with heavy traffic. Hence they can pose a big electrical hazard.

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