It’s that time of year when the tourists are back in town and it’s so hot that you can barely breathe outside. But we love it! We all live in Myrtle Beach for a reason and what better reason than to live right next to the Atlantic Ocean. Summer isn’t all peaches and cream though. The warm temperatures can lead to some electrical issues inside of your home. Good thing Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach is the best electrician Murrells Inlet and the rest of the Grand Strand gets the benefit of learning from! Below are a few things you could encounter:

  1. Storms – Windy storms and lightning storms are two types that are very common during the warmer months. Windy ones can damage electrical wiring outside of your home or office and may cause a disruption of electricity to your home. Lightning storms can cause a rapid power surge that can damage your electrical appliances.
  2. Increased Load – The kids aren’t in school anymore and your family loves to visit you at the beach. All of this can lead to more electrical use. If you see flickering lights, hear buzzing sounds or are frequently tripping circuit breakers, then you are seeing the signs of overuse. The AC is always on in the summer as well. Mix all of these things together and you could encounter many issues. Give us a call so that we can inspect your home to make sure your system can handle everything.
  3. Blackouts – You should be familiar with blackouts. This happens during massive storms when you are stuck without power for a few hours. If you experienced days without power during last year’s hurricane, then you should be very familiar with this. Perhaps it’s time to talk to us about a backup generator. We sell, service and install several different brands, including Generac generators.

Don’t let us get you down; summer can be a wonderful time! There is no better time to be outside enjoying a barbecue, fishing out on the water or a good ol’ baseball game. If you need any electrical work during these months, give Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beacha call at (843) 508-9631 .