You could be sitting in your home looking over at the strip of sand in Myrtle Beach, not realizing you’re dealing with something that needs your attention. Shhh… try to listen; your house is trying to tell you something. Do you hear buzzing sounds? Or maybe see some flickering lights? Or even smell something burning, but nobody is cooking? These are all signs you need an emergency electrician in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. Read on to see if you have any of these minor signs that you have a major problem:

1.  Burning Smell

It’s no surprise that when you smell burning, something is definitely wrong! When your wiring is heating up enough to melt its plastic coating, it is a sign of immediate danger. Call an emergency electrician immediately because your house is under threat of an electrical fire. While your electrician is on the way, identify the source of the smell, and cut off power to it right away!

2.  Flickering Lights

If you see flickering lights in your home, don’t run the other way; trust us, it’s probably not Casper the Friendly Ghost visiting you. It could, however, be a poor connection or loose wiring. This might not pose to be a problem that you need to deal with right away, but it could cause short circuiting, over-heating and even a fire. Call a professional to sort out your wiring issue.

3.  Hot Outlets

Outlets should not be hot. Yes, many appliances generate heat while in use, but the outlet itself should not be producing heat. If you are feeling heat from an outlet, unplug everything from it and don’t use it until you call an emergency electrician. The only switches that produce a little heat with no concern are dimmer switches, and even they just get a little warm, not hot.

4.  Shocks

If you get an electric shock from an outlet or appliance, don’t just write it off as static or something that doesn’t need to be looked into. This is a sign that the electric current is trying to ground itself and is using you as a pathway. The only reason the current would do this is if its intended pathway is either damaged or broken. Call a professional to have a look at where the issue lies.

5.  Rodents and Pests

Rodents and pests love to nibble on wires. If you spot these critters running around your house, especially near wires, pest control isn’t all you need to call. Call an emergency electrician to come have a look incase these pesky pests have chewed through any wiring or insulation.

6.  House Built in the 60s or 70s

Houses built in the 60s and 70s are usually fitted with aluminum wiring rather than copper wiring. This was a more cost effective option that passed certain lab tests. Aluminum wiring was given the go-ahead as being safe for wires without realizing that it oxidizes a lot quicker than copper, making it a fire risk.

7.  Frequent Breaker Trips

A frequently tripping breaker usually means that it is taking on too much load. An overloaded circuit uses too much electricity, causing the breaker to trip. This is a simple issue to fix. Just call an electrician and ask them to add an extra circuit to take some of the load.

8.  Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently

Do you notice one light bulb that you have to change a lot more frequently than the rest? No, that light is not cursed; you probably have some loose wiring behind that light. Or, if you have a newer connection, something nearby might be causing overheating and the light is design to automatically shut off. In either case, call an emergency electrician to help you sort out that problem!

9.  Dead Outlets/Loose Outlets

Have you been hearing buzzing or humming sounds coming from your walls and outlets? Have you been wondering if you might have a bee trapped in your walls? Probably not. Buzzing sounds are often caused by loose wiring. What happens over time with loose wiring is that it can shake its wires free and be a fire hazard, or even cause electric shocks.

Dead outlets are just as dangerous as loose ones. It is a sign that there has been excessive heat buildup or overload that might have caused a breaker to trip. Call an emergency electrician to have a look.

10.  Tangled Wiring

It is very aesthetically pleasing to see perfectly placed wiring with no tangles and to be honest, detangled wires don’t flow a current any better than tangled ones do. But, overly tangled wires can be a sign of lazy and unorganized electrical work. Call an emergency electrician to get the best possible electrical work done, and see if your last electrician missed or muddled anything.

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