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Terry Aycock

"The two young men, Paul and Ashton, that came out were very professional and pleasant young men. The work done appears to be just fine. The only concern was the cost of re-wiring the GFCI connections. There were two outlets which needed minor adjustments which took a total of 10 minutes to fix. I watched on one of them so I know my calculations are correct. The cost was outrageous: $384.00 for that. That is what the bill notated. The only reason you are not getting 5 stars is because of that."

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Smith W

"I called to have my electrical panel inspected because it appeared I had some loose breakers. I also wanted their professional opinion regarding replacement of the entire panel because it is 45 years old. Ashton took a look at the breakers and confirmed that although they did have some give, they were fully attached to the panel. He also told me that there were no code issues with the panel but that it was very crowded and had some wear and tear. He said it was really up to me as to if I wanted to replace it or not. The advantage to replacement would be a bigger box with more room which would allow for removal of half breakers, cleanup of 40 years worth of additions resulting in a rats nest of wires and incorrectly labeled breakers, and room for future growth. Ashton did not try to sell me anything I didn’t need and was very pleasant to work with. He provided me with two estimates for panel replacement before he left. I’ll be looking over these and hope to proceed soon. Very professional business with great communication and timeliness. Thank you!"

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Lang White

"My Electrician I had used for 30+ years has passed away… & I had a pretty serious issue with an old FPE Breaker box & meter loop… so my search began… I was going strictly off number of reviews & high ratings… The reviews were consistently “high quality competent electricians & fair prices, even free estimates so you can shop around before you decide”… I got 2 other bids, & no one else was within $1000… this was a BIG job, full meter box & inlet breaker box, feeding the Sub box in the house… the work was done in 2 days (thanks to ONCOR🙄) & Amazing quality work… AND whole house surge protection …! I have already recommended them to 3 other friends…. You owe it to yourself to get a Free Bid from Mr. Sparky… I don’t think there is a better company out there… HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL top to bottom & they will STAND BY their work… HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr Sparky…!!❤️"

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Ruby Martin

"The job was done efficiently and in a very professional manner. The team members were polite and respectful at all times. I especially loved the way everything was rechecked before they left the premises. Job well done. R.M."

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Betty Fiederlein

"Mister Sparky was the first Electric Co. I called. After talking with them and them coming to my home I didn't need to call anyone else. They came right away. Explained the problem and the cost. Excellent Service. Great People."