Holiday lights got you in tangles? It seems that every year, no matter how much care we take to pack them away, our holiday lights always manage to end up in giant jumbles, wangled webs and unwinnable knots. So, what to do? Leave them up? Toss them in the garbage pail?

Mister Sparky knows there is more than one way to store your strands - while also protecting your bulbs! Because, who wants to sit through the hassle of checking every bulb in a string of 50?

  • Bag ‘em: Remove each strand and carefully wind it into a loop. Secure with a twist tie and place the strand into its own bag, wrap with tissue paper and label. Place the bags into storage boxes and keep them in a dry, enclosed area.
  • Wrap ‘em: Wrap the strand around a weighty piece of cardboard. Cut a notch in the side, big enough to tuck one end of the lights into. Wrap the lights individually around the cardboard cut-out. Make another notch for the other end of the strand and cover with tissue paper.
  • Hang ‘em (in a way): Use a thick, plastic hanger and wrap the strand around the body, working your way to the end and back. Wrap with tissue paper when complete.

This year, store your lights neatly and efficiently to ensure that come December you won’t waste any time unraveling and untangling.

For more details on storage solutions, check out Bob Vila’s suggestions. For professional electrical service, contact Mister Sparky today!