Too often, basements are left in the dark, relegated to storage space. These lighting tips will help you make the most of this neglected spot and bring the space to life.

Hire a professional

You don't want to tackle potentially dangerous electrical work with nothing more than some basic do-it-yourself manuals. An experienced electrician can advise you on what will work best for your space and install your new lighting safely, reducing the risk of future problems or hazards. This also allows you to establish a relationship with your local electrical repair service. You’ll have a professional you know you can rely on and who already knows your system well should you have any future electrical problems in your home.

Fit in some awning windows

Overhead lighting and lamps are great, but sometimes what a space needs most is a little sunlight. That can be hard to come by in a basement, so consider installing a few awning windows high on your basement walls, or anywhere your home's foundation peeks above ground level. They’ll provide fresh air, as well as light.

If your basement is entirely underground, consider installing full-spectrum bulbs in your overhead lighting or your lamps. Light from these bulbs mimics sunlight and can even provide a dose of vitamin D in winter months when the sun sets early.

Use recessed lights

Recessed lighting is the prime option for finished basements for several reasons. First, there are no fixtures hanging from already low ceilings, which means more headroom and fewer unsightly wires. Secondly, when installed with a dimmer switch, it’s great for creating a mood and provides supreme flexibility. Using your basement as a mini movie theater, or an entertainment space with a wet bar and billiards table? Recessed lighting is ideal for adjusting your lighting to your activity. This style of lighting is also inexpensive, and if you decide to add another light at some point, it won't break the bank.

A basement’s lower ceiling will help bounce the light around the room. Make the most of it by using light-colored flooring and plenty of mirrors.

Bring in extra lighting for workshops and arts and crafts corners

If you’re devoting part of your basement to space for detail-oriented work, like a workshop, painting studio, home office or craft table, make sure you supplement your standard lighting with  lamps or other extra lighting sources in your workspace.

Need some professional guidance?

Your local Mister Sparky electrician is always here to help. Give us a call and we'll help you choose the right lighting options for your space and take care of the installation for you.