For all the great things that springtime brings - flowers, better weather, Cadbury cream eggs – it also brings some not-so-great things – allergies, flooding, burrowing animals! That’s why it’s important to remember when you prepare your home for spring, you don’t forget to look after your electrical system.

And we’ve got some great suggestions for you to remember this season. In general – as a homeowner, you should always know where to find the main switch in your electrical panel for emergency shut down. This will ultimately help you out of a bind when it comes to some of the problems that occur during the spring, like seasonal rains or flooding. It’s also wise to be prepared by following the top five tips below!

  1. Repair any water leaks around all electrical fixtures. The most important thing? Make sure the power has been turned off before stepping into a flooded room! For more tips, click HERE.
  1. Look for insects building nests in electrical equipment. Certain bugs, like fire ants, are drawn to electrical hardware. Cockroaches and bed bugs like to curl up in tight, dark, and warm places, like electrical panels. Need to get rid of pests? Click HERE.
  1. Look out for rodents chewing on your electrical equipment. Small critters (even snakes and birds) like to build their nests in warm places, like your electrical panel! Think about organic repellants or plastic sleeves for your wires and cords. For more options, click HERE.
  1. Look for plants invading electrical equipment. Springtime growth can make its way into your electrical system and can cause major damage.
  1. Inspect all electrical connections to devices/appliances that require water, such as sprinklers, pools, or spas.

If you come across any of the above, turn off your electrical panel immediately and call an electrician. If you know where your panel is, you’re already ahead of the game!

You may also be tempted to do-it-yourself (DIY). When it comes to your electrical system, it’s best to contact a professional to work on your springtime projects or repairs. Our Mister Sparky experts are standing by – contact us today!

Check out these worst-case scenarios below! 

Problems in the Electrical Panel