Don't Let Fall Trip You Up!

As we transition from summer to fall, it is always important to keep your electrical safety in mind. This means properly retiring your electrical devices for next year and making sure your winter appliances are in optimal condition. And, it doesn't hurt to review best practices for winter electrical care.

Check out these safety tips from Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI):

  • Safely store warm weather tools like lawn mowers and trimmers. Check cold weather tools, such as leaf and snow blowers, along with their power cords, for unusual wear and tear.
  • Unplug and safely store battery chargers that won't be in use again until spring.
  • Use only weatherproof electrical devices for outside activities.
  • Keep dry leaves swept away from outdoor lighting, outlets and power cords.
  • Make sure electric blanket power cords are not frayed, cracked or cut.
  • Do not tuck your electric blanket under mattresses and do not place anything on top - including pets!

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