As expert electricians, we always suggest leaving your electrical work to the professionals. However, there are times when you are tempted to do it yourself. But when you do, are you taking all the necessary precautions to get it done safely?

At Mister Sparky, we despise “malarky,” especially when it comes to your electrical system. Not being mindful of the hazards that go into electrical repair is the biggest, most dangerous malarky that can happen. For anyone who has been zapped by static electricity, an electrical shock can be painful or even deadly.

Here are some rules of thumb to make sure your electrical work is malarky-free from Mister Sparky Brand Manager and expert, Dan Mock:

What basic electrical safety equipment should one use when working on electrical repairs?

If working on 110v home wiring you would need the following electrical protective gear: testing equipment (voltmeter, etc.) safety glasses, a long sleeve shirt, electrical work gloves, rubber sole boots, an insulated ladder, and insulated tools.

What would you say the most important rule of thumb is when working on electrical?

First of all…Don’t. The money you may save by doing it yourself won't matter if you are dead. Even highly trained professional electricians can get injured or killed by electricity. A severe burn can keep you out of the game for weeks, let alone months.

What should you do if you receive a shock?

Hopefully, someone is available to call 911 for you if you can’t do it yourself. It is always recommended to seek medical attention, regardless of the size or severity of the shock. Even a small shock can stop your heart. Stronger shocks can produce burns, and leave you incapacitated and unable to help yourself in a bad situation.

Safety is crucial! That’s what our professionals are here for – to make sure you and your family are safe by ensuring careful, quality electrical work.

Remember, electrical systems are only becoming more complex. Wiring for new additions to the home, adding circuits and switches, and replacing breakers are definitely not DIY tasks. Today’s breakers are specially designed for specific areas of the home and installing the wrong type could be catastrophic.

Some mistakes are avoidable, especially if we hand off electrical jobs, even if we think they are easy and simple. Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of trying to install switches and outlets or replacing breakers that keep tripping. And what happens is the homeowner gets injured or makes a mess of their electrical system. In the end, they will end up needing to call a pro to fix it!

When you fool around with electricity – and you don’t know what you’re doing – you’re bound to conjure up some “malarky.” If that be the case, you know what to do – call Mister Sparky!