This spring, we hope the Easter Bunny brings you chocolate and not chewed wires! Everyone (who has a heart) loves bunnies. But they can be sneaky and damaging little buggers when it comes to our electrical systems. As cute as they are - you must ask yourself - is your house bunny-proofed?

If you have one as a pet or a colony out in your yard, you may need to be wary of the damage these critters can do to themselves or to your electronics and phone cords.

Bunnies love to chew. And their teeth are sharp. Be sure to cover your wires and cords with plastic sleeves or flex tubing. This will protect your appliances and make sure Thumper doesn’t get an unwanted shock!

Use baby gates or puppy pens to impede Bugs from sections of your home, like the TV room. The gates should be made of metal, otherwise he will chew his way straight through to your home entertainment system.

If a colony of rabbits is living in your yard and terrorizing your outdoor electrics, there are several humane things you can do.

  • Use electronic fencing to keep these furry critters at bay.
  • All-purpose animal repellents can be used. These create a “scent barrier, which keeps certain animals away. Be sure they are made from all-natural, organic ingredients.
  • Trick ‘em! Use life-sized predator replicas, like owls, to scare rabbits. The Prowler Owl acts as a visual deterrent with an imposing “hunting” posture and 4-foot wingspan that actually moves in the wind.

Of course, bunnies aren’t the only problem – mice, snakes and even squirrels are common perpetrators. These rodents also love chewing on wires and making themselves at home. Snakes like crawling into electrical boxes looking for their next meal.

“During the electrical inspection process, we find all types of animals in panels and device boxes,” said Rusty Wise, owner of Mister Sparky - Charlotte, NC. “Many homeowners are not aware that the openings in the panels and other electrical boxes need to be completely sealed. Warm and cool air will flow through these electrical areas, which animals love.”

“The homeowner needs to check or have their electrical panels checked by a qualified electrician to ensure all openings are sealed,” Rusty continued. “Animals can damage the electrical system causing thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs in some cases.”

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