It’s Tornado Season…do you know what to do?

Tornados and severe thunderstorms can have devasting effects on your electrical system. Following severe weather, you should be mindful of the obvious and not so obvious hazards in and around your home.

  • Stay at least 35 feet away from a downed power line and anything touching (this includes people) it as you don’t know if it is energized or not. Assumed all downed power lines are live.
  • According Electrical Foundation Safety International (ESFI), the proper way to move away from a power line is to shuffle away with small steps, keeping your feet together and on the ground.
  • Check for gas leaks, downed power lines or structural damage before entering any building.
  • Be sure to shut off electrical power, natural gas, and propane tanks to avoid fire, electrocution, or explosion. Have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system before powering up.
  • Use a flashlight instead of a candle or torch to avoid fire or explosion.
  • If you smell gas or a suspect a leak, turn off the main gas valve, open all window and leave the house. Be sure to contact the fire department immediately.
  • If you smell something burning, immediately shut off the electrical system at the main circuit breaker if you have not done so already.
  • Never use generators or charcoal burning devices inside your home, basement, garage, or camper - or even outside near an open window, door, or vent. Without proper ventilation, Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can occur.

If you've experienced electrical damage or if you'd like to make sure that your electrical system is up and running, contact an experienced Mister Sparky electrician. You want to Get it Done Right and Get it Done Safely.