Beware of Crafty Cords! For electrical cords, tangled and trampled is no way to go. As consumers, we take for granted that most cables and cords are safe. And they are…But, remember – the care you give is the care you get. Take a look at these simple rules for optimal cable, cord and wire management!


  1. Twist don’t tug! Always unplug your electrical device by the cord. Make sure it’s turned off and then coax it out by wiggling the plug by the head.
  1. Don’t force it! As tempting as it may be, don’t make a 3-prong plug into a 2-prong. This could lead to electrical shock. And don’t force any plug into an outlet that doesn’t seem to quite “fit.”
  1. Don’t run wires under furniture or carpets. The heat has nowhere to go and can lead to fire. Plus, wires or cables under carpet run the risk of sustaining heavy wear and tear. A broken down or exposed wire is more likely to give you a shock!
  1. Extension cords may add convenience…but not at the cost of your safety. Avoid plugging multiple appliances into one socket or extension cord. This may overload the circuit, which can result in fire. Also, reliance on extension cords could mean that you don’t have enough outlets in your home.
  1. Refrain from substituting extension cords for permanent wiring.
  1. Tangled or messy wires are a tripping hazard! Cables and wires shouldn’t be bundled up like tumble weeds. Organize and manage your wires by using ties, Velcro or paneling.
  1. Don’t lock down your cords with staples or nails.
  1. Electronic devices and cords both have wattage ratings. Make sure they match! Never use a cord that has a lower wattage rating than the appliance you are using.
  1. Chill out! Don’t touch a cord when it’s hot.
  1. And – as always – keep your cords, cables and wiring AWAY from snow or water.

For help with any of these suggestions – or to make your home safer – contact Mister Sparky! Also, visit ESFI for more cord safety tips.