Are you worried about potential trespassing or break-ins at your home? It may be cheaper and easier than you think to add layers of protection and deterrence from would-be burglars. The latest smart home technology, along with tried-and-true tech like motion detecting security lights, can make your home an intimidating target.

Some modern home security solutions are easy to install on your own, but many others require the experienced hand of a licensed electrician, either because they involve working with potential electrical hazards or because the installation has to be just right in order for the devices to work. So if you’re beefing up your security and you have any doubts about your installation abilities, Mister Sparky’s expert electricians are always on call to lend a hand.

Here are a few of the solutions that can give your home some high-tech protection:

Window and Door Alarms

When we talk about “home security systems”, we’re often talking about networks of alarms that are activated when doors and windows are opened without authorization. These systems range from simple battery-operated alarms to complex systems that can automatically notify law enforcement, and there are more choices in this market than ever before. Take your time as you research alarm systems and choose the model that’s right for your home -- some systems require monthly service fees, and others may need to be professionally installed and hardwired into your electrical system. But as long as you choose one that makes a major racket, no burglar will want to stick around long.

Smart Locks

A door lock is the most basic element of any home security setup, but smart locks take this staple to a whole new level. Using wireless Internet technology, sophisticated smart locks can be controlled by smartphone in a variety of ways. You may program these locks to unlock as soon as your phone is within a few feet of the door, making it easy to carry groceries inside. You may authorize temporary access for the pet sitter while you’re on vacation, removing the need to hand out a copy of your house key. And if a smart lock is ever tampered with or broken, you can get an alert sent directly to your phone. Just like alarm systems, these features vary, so do your homework and choose wisely.

Smart Outlets and Appliances

One of the great things about the fully connected smart home is that you can use your smartphone from anywhere in the world to create the appearance that you’re right at home. Burglars typically wait to strike until nobody’s home, and if you program your lights, TVs and other appliances to turn on at certain intervals, they’ll end up waiting forever. Smart outlets can give you this level of control over any lamps or electronics in your home, and other smart devices like radios and TVs may have this ability built-in.

Motion Detector Security Lights

Burglars often need the cover of darkness to carry out their nefarious plans, and you can foil their plots with a simple blast of bright light. If you’re thinking about adding this feature to your home, consult with a qualified electrician about the number and placement of lights required to protect your home’s most vulnerable points of entry. Properly calibrating motion detectors can take an experienced touch, and a savvy electrician can also conceal wiring so that no prowler can cut power to the lights without activating them.

Locks alone won’t keep your home and valuables safe from a determined burglar, but upgrades like these will let them know they’ve chosen the wrong house. If you’ve made your decisions about what technology you want to use to protect your home, get in touch with your local Mister Sparky today to discuss the next steps.