5 Ways to Get Your Electrical System Ready for Summer

When we think of summertime, we visualize time outdoors in the sunshine with longer days and shorter nights. The reality is that the hot weather leads to an increased demand on the power grid as people try to stay cool indoors and have lots of cold fresh treats on hand from freezers and refrigerators.

As you prepare for summer, make sure that your electrical system is ready so you don’t experience damage to electronic devices or appliances and can remain comfortable.

  1. In addition to having a smart or programmable thermostat installed to control the frequency and temperature of air conditioners, routine maintenance on an air conditioning unit can make it run more efficiently and possibly use less electricity. Consider One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for this type of service need, which might include cleaning filters, repairing leaks, or replacing damaged parts.
  2. Outdoor lights can be attractive and practical as you spend warm evenings in the backyard. Ask your Mister Sparky electrician about motion-sensitive lighting options so that your outdoor lights are only on when needed and therefore using less electricity and energy to illuminate your patio.
  3. Consider having a ceiling fan installed to keep rooms cool without the expense and hassle of an air conditioner. Ceiling fans use less electricity than air conditioners. Shop for ENERGY STAR rated fans that are more efficient than traditional fans. Your electrician can provide advice on which way to rotate the fan for maximum cool air. Ceiling fans are an option in outdoor spaces as well so you can make the most of summer fresh air.
  4. Before you go out of town for vacation, look around for what you can unplug to reduce electrical use—this will include lamps, video game consoles, computers, TVs and more. Smart home features allow you to make these choices from your phone or other device so you can control what is off and for how long. A Mister Sparky electrician can assist with how to set up smart home features and making changes as needed depending on the season.
  5. Put together a safety kit for possible blackouts. Brownouts and blackouts happen during high demand for electricity and storms, among other reasons, and there tend to be peaks for both in the summer months. Every home should have a plan and back-up devices—from a flashlight to a generator—in the event of an emergency. An electrician can provide an estimate on a generator, as well as safety guidance on when and how to use a generator.

Enjoy your summer without worry when you prepare your electrical system for all of the possibilities.