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Switches & Outlet Installation

Mister Sparky Electric™ can install electrical switches and outlets to accommodate new appliances or remodeling projects. With modern outlets and electric receptacles providing reliable power, your home will be exponentially safer. Our electricians can also install GFCI outlets, which contain test and reset buttons that serve as ground-fault circuit interrupters. According to the National Electrical Code (NFPA), GFCI outlets are mandatory in wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces, to help prevent severe electric shock.

Benefits of Electrical & Wiring Installation Can Include:

Electrical problems are the third-leading cause of structure fire. Professional electrical wiring can keep your home and family safe, increase your power capacities, meet electrical code, handle power surges, and proactively avoid malfunctions.

Increased Outlet Capacity

An outlet’s capacity to safely channel electricity at high speeds and amperages is crucial. Luckily, we can increase the amperage in your electrical circuits by reducing the amount of resistance that the electrical voltage encounters. However, to increase voltage and ensure safety at the same time, we will likely need to rewire the entire circuitry.

Decorative or Stylish Lighting

We can install many types of eye-pleasing lighting options, including:

  • Recessed Lighting – These fixtures sit in alcoves in the ceiling and offer a nice ambiance.
  • Media Room Lighting –Create the perfect mood with dimmable strip, sconce, track, or ceiling lights.
  • Art Lighting – Highlight a wall, decorative piece, or artwork with lighting options that accentuate specific focal points.
  • Pendant Lighting - Hanging lights are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, kitchens, and stairways.

Outdoor Lighting or Electricity

New lighting arrangements can transform your backyard deck, patio, and landscape lighting – improving outdoor aesthetics and safety. From string lights to patio lights to pathway lights, Mister Sparky® electricians can install it all. By setting up spotlights or floodlights, we can even help deter unwanted intruders and wildlife.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan can be hazardous, tricky, and lead to code violations if done improperly. Our team will help determine if a permit is required and what type of electric ceiling box is necessary to ensure it is properly anchored. Ceiling fans are heavy, so the electric box must be sufficiently rated to hold the fan’s weight, or a replacement will be necessary. After installing the fan correctly, we will also help synch the switch and remote controls.

Improved Entertainment System

Our technicians can build an electrical circuit that can handle the many electrical components and high amperage demands of large entertainment systems. Whenever possible, our seamless electrical wiring installation process will prioritize your home’s aesthetics by running wires behind your walls!

Equipping Garage for Increased Functionality

Whether you are woodcarving, working out, repairing cars, or doing laundry — the ability to see clearly is essential. Fortunately, we can add new electric outlets to make heavy-duty projects possible and install new lighting fixtures to enhance visibility.

Solar Power Upgrade

New homeowners can install solar panels to supplement existing power supplies, lower monthly utility costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. If the sometimes-steep upfront expenses are viable, converting to solar can be a wise long-term investment. Solar panels are built to last decades with minimal maintenance. If interested, we can put you in contact with reputable solar companies in your area!

Electric Car Charging Upgrade

An electric vehicle’s ability to efficiently recharge depends on the electrical supply and EV charging unit. EV chargers have three distinct levels: Level one is the slowest while level three is the fastest (but requires an industrial-grade power supply). We can help you:

  • Figure out what level your electrical system can handle
  • Pick a compatible charger
  • Upgrade your electrical system to make it compatible with higher-level chargers
  • Meet both local and national electrical codes
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Sparks Fly Between Us and Our Customers

Sparks Fly Between Us and Our Customers

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Electrician for Running Wire and Installation?

The price of professional electrical work depends on the project’s scope, hours of labor involved, materials required, accessibility of wiring, and the amount of wire needed.

Factors Involved in Wiring Installation or Rewiring a House

If your home is older and has aluminum wiring, we advise promptly rewiring your house. Our friendly technicians can inspect your current wiring situation and offer expert tips on what, if any, upgrades are needed. For a competitive price, we can install copper wires to improve electrical stability.

  • Size and Age of Your House - If your home is large and more than a few decades old, rewiring can be pricey and complicated. A possible alternative to knocking down walls is pig tailing – a process where aluminum wires are connected to copper wire strands using a special connector. This can help you more affordably upgrade your electrical system to satisfy local electrical codes.
  • Ease of Access to Wiring - Many electrical rewiring projects involve tearing down walls. Thankfully, our experienced electricians frequently find alternatives to removing drywall. With skill, extensive planning, and the proper tools, we will check if your attic or crawlspace provides an easier way to feed wires through the walls.
  • Materials Used - Typical home electrical wiring consists of three separate wires in insulated sleeves. The black or “hot” wire carries the electrical current, the white or “neutral” wire sends unused electricity back to the breaker panel, and the bare copper wire is used to ground the electrical circuit. In addition to the wiring itself, we always arrive prepared with volt detectors, wire strippers, wire nuts, hook-up wires, conduits, electrical tape, outlets, and single-pole/double-pole light switches.
  • Labor Involved - The labor largely correlates to the task size and architectural layout. When rewiring a whole system, we will always try to first access your wiring through attics, basements, crawl spaces, or floor joists. Unfortunately, some cases require making holes in the drywall to access old wires and fish through new wiring. If this course is necessary, the labor and repairs will be more involved as we will also need to tear down and patch up sections of your walls.
  • Whether Walls Need to Be Opened -As just noted, our technicians may need to open walls to run wires or install new switches, outlets, and panels. You can rest assured that this will be our last option. If it is necessary, there is still a silver lining: Our electrical specialists know how to plan methodically to mitigate damage, labor, and costs.
  • Individual or Various Electrical Work to Be Done - When remodeling or building an add-on, we can help identify areas that are ideal for outlets and lighting fixtures. Scheduling rewiring work while remodeling a home is a great way to take advantage of the enhanced ease of access. Similarly, if we must tear down drywall to rewire your circuit, we recommend considering all possible electrical upgrades at that time.

Can I Run My Own Electrical Wiring?

It may save money short-term, but DIY electrical work is dangerous and often illegal. It can:

  • Put you at risk of injury or death by consequence of severe electrical shock
  • Result in a structural fire due to faulty wiring
  • Nullify your home insurance policy

We highly recommend letting a qualified electrician rewire circuits, install/replace power outlets, install/replace ceiling fans, fix light switches, and carry out any complex electrical projects. Electricians go through years of training for a reason – to provide low-risk electrical services.

Is DIY Electrical Work Illegal?

The legality of DIY electrical work varies between states and municipalities. Many jurisdictions allow owner-occupants to perform basic electrical work, so long as this work is not performed commercially. Nevertheless, it is universally recommended to check with local ordinances before starting any electrical project and to hire a professional electrician if you intend to sell your home. DIY electrical projects may be legal, but they can also jeopardize your home and void relevant fire insurance coverage. More importantly, DIY electric work is extremely dangerous as even a simple 110-volt outlet can cause severe injuries and death.

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Provide Electrical Installation & Wiring Services?

DIY electrical work may seem okay at first, but faulty wiring can cause a fire or electrical problem months or even years down the line. Out-of-code electrical work will also cause problems during home inspections if you ever decide to move or sell your house. Our electricians are versed in all local codes and regulations and will ensure everything meets industry standards.

Prevent Electrical Circuit Overload by Hiring a Top-Notch Electrician

One revealing sign of faulty wiring is recurring electrical overload. This will cause frequent power outages that increase the odds of electrical fires and dangerous surges. Many older circuit breakers are not designed to handle the dozens of devices simultaneously connected to one power source. These outdated circuit breakers leave electronics, computers, and appliances vulnerable to power surges that can cause severe damage. Even a minor power interruption can cause data loss and technological setbacks. The good news is that by calling our team, you can easily avoid these issues.

How Long Does It Take for Electrical & Wiring Installation or Repair?

How long it takes for an electrician to complete a rewiring task varies depending on the specific property’s size, electrical layout, and countless other situational dynamics. The process can take anywhere from a few days to replace outlets to a few weeks if an entire home needs to be rewired. By choosing our expert electrical technicians, you will receive communicative, proactive, and fast-moving services. We always go above and beyond to streamline the process.

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