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Smoke Detector Repair

Smoke detectors are vital devices that ensure your family’s safety in the event of a fire. Having properly working smoke detectors can save lives, and we’re the team to ensure they work for the long haul. Even if you need your smoke detectors replaced throughout your home, you can trust that our licensed and certified electricians will be there promptly to help.

Electrical Switches and Outlet Repair

Without electrical switches and outlets, how would you turn on lights in rooms, power your essential household appliances, and pass the time on your favorite smart device? These activities are virtually impossible (and potentially dangerous) when you have malfunctioning switches and outlets in your home. We offer electrical switches and outlet repair services to provide safe and functional power delivery.

Lighting Repair

Whether you’re trying to set a mood on your backyard patio or provide adequate light sources throughout your home, lighting plays a significant role in your home’s function and aesthetic. We can deliver lighting repair solutions that give you the peace of mind you deserve in and outside your home.

Indoor Lighting Repair

In a modern world, you shouldn’t have to do without indoor lights that help you keep life moving forward. When you have indoor lighting issues, we’re your preferred team. We can help install and repair lighting that fits your lifestyle at a price you can afford. Let us help make indoor lighting issues a thing of the past.

Outdoor Lighting Repair

Illuminating the exterior of your home creates security for your family and safety for guests as they make their way to your front door. We can provide landscape lighting and repair and installation that meet the industry’s highest standards. With our experienced technicians supporting your repair needs, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

Fault Location and Repair

Our team is highly skilled in the practice of fault location and repair to keep electrical faults from putting your family’s health and safety at risk. We can locate the fault quickly and avoid further disruption to your day. With this type of electrical repair service, we show our diligent and strategic problem-solving skills.

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Sparks Fly Between Us and Our Customers

Sparks Fly Between Us and Our Customers

Other Electrical Issues We Fix

We are the team you call when you need unique electrical repair solutions, from repairing everything from dimmers to carbon monoxide detectors. There’s virtually no electrical job that we can’t handle. And the best part is we offer straight forward pricing on all electrical repairs.

  • Buzzing Noises - Any kind of buzzing noise coming from your outlets or switches is cause for concern. This could signify loose wires in the connection, causing them to vibrate and make that familiar buzzing sound. If you hear any strange humming noises at outlets or switches, turn off the power to that switch or outlet and call us immediately.
  • Aluminum Wiring - Homes built between 1960 and 1970 may have an electrical system with aluminum wiring, which has been tied to fires as the wiring ages. Your vintage home may be charming, but there could be hidden issues lurking behind the walls that only a professional electrician should handle.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection - With zero odor or color, carbon monoxide could be wafting through your home undetected at this very moment. One of the only ways to be aware of these toxic fumes is to have a functioning carbon monoxide detector. If your sensor is on the fritz, this creates a life-threatening situation for everyone living in your home. Let our expertly trained technicians repair your carbon monoxide detector today.
  • Dimming or Flickering House Lights - Do you need assistance with your dimmer and flicker lights in and outside your home? You can contact our on time electricians to support you with dimming or flicker house lighting repair services to help you create the visual appeal you’ve always wanted.

How Much Will Electrical Repairs Cost?

One of the first things customers ask us is, “how much will electrical repairs cost?” Honestly, the answer depends on the types of electrical repair services being completed and the parts involved. Electrical repairs such as panel replacement and entire home rewiring can be a bit more expensive than replacing a switch or an outlet because of the extensive work involved. Regardless of your need, our team will always discuss your options and our strategic plan before any work actually starts. We will always provide you with open and transparent communication so that you’re aware of the costs before the final bill arrives.

Is It Safe to Do Your Own Electric Repairs?

Questions like “is it safe to do your own electrical repairs?” are ones we see quite often. Do-it-yourself electrical repairs are never a good idea unless you’re a licensed and certified electrician with experience handling the type of repair you need. You should hire an experienced electrician for any home repairs to save on back-end expenses and help you avoid life-threatening accidents.

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electric Repairman to Perform an Repairs

Electrical repair is more than just replacing light switches or checking tripped breakers. It involves hazardous work that only a highly trained and certified professional should take care of for you. If you’re thinking about DIY electrical projects, check out reasons below to avoid them and why you should hire an electrician.

  • Safety - Safety is the cornerstone of our business. Your and your family’s safety is paramount and can be at risk if you do electrical repairs yourself. You could accidentally start a fire or electrocute yourself. This is why we always recommend you contact us if you need a repair, installation, or replacement immediately.
  • Experience - With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and aptitude for fixing virtually any electrical problem you can think of. Our experience also means that you can trust that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.
  • Licensed - Anyone who works on your electrical system should be licensed to ensure everything is up to code and follows strict standards. Without a license, any electrical work completed could be considered illegal and subject to problems. All of our electricians are licensed to work on your system and provide a worry-free experience.
  • Quality Work - Performing complex electrical tasks yourself may result in unintentional faulty work that causes your system to malfunction. With our team and U-Win Guarantee, we assure you our workmanship is high quality, and we’ll fix any of our work that doesn’t meet your expectations free of charge.
  • Timely - One of the guarantees we always honor is “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!™,” which ensures prompt and honest repair service. You won’t have to wait on exceptional and affordable repairs with our team because we’re available day or night to help.
  • Communication - Open communication is key with anything, especially when it comes to having your electrical system repaired effectively. Our team will always keep you in the loop and discuss any strategy changes (if there are any). You will be informed throughout the entire process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Two Years After Service

With our satisfaction guarantee, we promise to deliver the quality solutions you expect and deserve. We ensure that you’ll be happy with our work for up to two years following your appointment date. However, if you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll come back to make it right at no extra cost to you.

Our team is standing by, waiting to support you 24/7 with any electrical problem you’re experiencing. You can call our emergency electricians today at (405) 213-0791 for a service quote or request an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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