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Megan Carlton Profile Image

Megan Carlton

"The technicians and electricians that came to my home today were incredibly kind and professional and very hard workers! They did all the work quickly and cleaned up after themselves. They took out all the trash including my old light fixtures to dispose of them. They triple checked that everything worked and that I was happy with everything they did. I would highly recommend and would be glad to work with them again in the future!"

Lizzie Kaplan Profile Image

Lizzie Kaplan

"After the front three rooms of our home lost power, my husband contacted Mister Sparky. The technician, Patrick, was right on time, very kind, and upfront about pricing and estimates, which were extremely reasonable! I appreciate that he took the time to explain to me what caused the power loss and how he was going to fix it. Being a new homeowner, I felt that this experience would be a little intimidating for me. Thanks to Patrick, identifying and fixing the issue went very smoothly, and I felt confident and informed by the time he left my home. Thank you again, Patrick!"

Jeremy Ritz Profile Image

Jeremy Ritz

"Very happy with Patrick! He explained all his work to both my wife and myself (to me over the phone as I was at work) He was very professional and fast with his work. He also left contact info and info on other services we could contact for. In my wife's words, "Patrick gets six out of five stars!""

Rich Parrey Profile Image

Rich Parrey

"We were having issues with one of our light-fixtures in our newly purchased home. After calling, Patrick was able to come over the same day to take a look and help us out. He was thorough and completed the job promptly. 10/10 would recommend!"

David Vincent Profile Image

David Vincent

"I'm a retired sales manager. I can smell bull*hit a mile away. Our technician Pete Hickey shut me up in about two minutes by explaining to Theresa and I, what to expect. It was also cool, he did his job presenting their products, but he respected our decisions, and we did get a little coverage! Fairly big job, done the same day, and done correctly. You don't see that much anymore."