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Emergency Electrical Service & Repair Available 24/7 Near Me

Most structural fires originate from electrical problems. There is no room for complacency when it comes to electrical hazards. Even if you suspect a possible danger, it's always best to connect with a local emergency electrician. Understanding when your situation requires emergency assistance is the first step. We are here to help you 24/7 at Mister Sparky of Niceville.

In addition to avoiding potential electrical shock and fire hazards, hiring a professional ensures all work is compliant with codes. Mister Sparky of Niceville provides quality emergency services - our Niceville electricians can fix the problem and make sure no further hazards arise in the future.

Electrical emergencies: What are they?

It can be difficult to distinguish between an emergency electrical problem and a nuisance you can schedule services for. A wiring problem can often result in a genuine emergency. Whenever you are unsure, give us a call, and we will assist you with your diagnosis. There is no need to feel alone. Electrical emergencies are often characterized by the following signs:

Burning smell that cannot be identified

Do you notice a lingering smell or does it come and go? Are your smoke detectors going off? You should inspect your appliances, all your outlets, ducts, and your breaker box to determine where the problem lies. You should immediately seek medical attention if you smell a burning odor, especially if it is unidentified.

Breaker box buzzing or humming

A slight humming noise is normal from your breaker box since it runs an electrical current. You should, however, address the buzzing or humming if it becomes continuously louder, as it may indicate an overloaded circuit breaker. A circuit overload can cause fire hazards and heat the circuit wiring.

Repeatedly tripping circuit breakers

There are a few reasons for a circuit breaker to keep tripping, including:

  • The circuit breaker box is going bad
  • A circuit overload the breaker box cannot accommodate
  • A ground fault is occurring, meaning a hot wire is touching the ground
  • An appliance or wire is short-circuiting, meaning the electrical flow has gone outside the intended circuit

Continuous flickering of lights

It's likely that you have a faulty switch or lightbulb when your lights occasionally flicker. If they persist in flickering, this indicates a more serious problem such as a circuit overload, excessive voltage, or loose wiring. It is imperative to have an inspection conducted on these immediately because they are dangerous.

Electrical shock occurred to someone

Electrical shock can occur in many situations, including:

  • Two-prong outlets without a ground wire as a safety barrier, such as old two-prong outlets
  • Electrical current is unstable when an outlet or switch has loose screws or wiring
  • Appliances that shock you when plugged in, including frayed wiring or broken cords
  • Using damp hands near water sources or outlets

An outlet is emitting smoke

When debris builds up inside outlets, it can cause problems. As a result of electricity passing through dust and dirt, arcing occurs. A fire may start when electricity is arcing, which creates heat. Outlets can also smoke if they have wiring issues, loose plugs, or too many devices connected to one outlet.

Power loss

There is nothing unusual about losing power from storms or when the electrical company has a problem and everyone on the block loses power. You should seek immediate medical attention if you're the only one in the area to lose power after you've paid your monthly bill.

Electric panel that has been wet

Electricity and water can cause electrocution when they mix. An improper seal on the box can allow water into your electrical panel, or cables from an old meter box can soak through and into the panel. In addition to ruining multiple electrical components, corrosion increases resistance in the circuits, which is also a fire hazard when it has been happening for a long time.

Fire caused by electrical current

In the case of an active fire, you should immediately call 911 and put the fire out. Your local emergency electrician should be contacted once there is no longer a threat to your home or family. If the system has been fully compromised, we will replace it if necessary or inspect and diagnose the source of the fire before performing repairs.

What is the cost of an emergency electrician?

When it comes to calling an emergency electrician, it's understandable to be hesitant because of the cost. We pride ourselves on providing quality electrical service at an honest and fair price at Mister Sparky® of Niceville.

For emergency electrical services in Niceville, request an appointment!

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Sparks Fly Between Us and Our Customers

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