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The Dangers of Old Wiring in Your House

Old damaged wall outlets in disrepair

People use much more electricity than they used to. Your computer, Wi-Fi router, and flat screen TV can put significant stress on your home’s electrical system.

Depending on your home’s age, old wiring may not meet today’s safety standards.

Keep your family safe by learning about these three dangers of old wiring in your house.

Old Wiring May Not Have a Ground

The wiring in new homes have grounding systems that discharge “leaking” electricity safely. Without a grounding system, electricity may flow into anything from metal pipes to wooden frames. If the electricity flows into a flammable material, it could cause a short circuit and create a fire.

If your home doesn’t have a grounding system, then your outlets probably only have two holes. Even if your outlets have three slots, you may not have a grounding system. Someone may have connected newer outlets to an old system.

Unless you’re certain that your home has a grounding system, you should have a professional look at it. Otherwise, you could have home electrical fire hazards hiding behind your walls.

Frayed Wires in Your Home’s Weatherhead

A weatherhead is the fitting that connects your home to a power line. On most houses, it looks like a tube with several cables running into it.

Over time, the wires in your weatherhead can get frayed. If you have this problem, then your lights may flicker on windy nights.

If electricity running through the frayed wire comes into contact with something flammable, then it could start a fire. Have an electrician inspect your weatherhead to replace frayed wires and prevent fire hazards from old wiring.

Old Wiring May Not Protect People From Electrocution

Everyone has seen movies or TV shows where someone dies because a radio, hairdryer, or other small appliance falls into the bathtub.

In a modern home with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), this can’t happen. GFCIs can interrupt circuits within 4 milliseconds, making it impossible for you to get electrocuted.

Your old home may not have outlets with GFCIs. Have them installed to prevent dangerous shocks.

Does your home have old wiring that could put your family in danger? Contact Mister Sparky® of Lancaster to schedule your electrical safety inspection.