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Give Your Home Office a Boost with Electrical Upgrades

Today, 43% of employed Americans spend at least some time per week working from home. And even if you opt for an office job instead, let’s admit it: you can’t escape working at home in today’s connected world. The good news? A few electrical upgrades to your work space can turn you home office from drab to fab.

Charge Stations

Laptops, tablets, computers, and more — they all need a place to recharge! If your current office is full of extension cords, power strips, and old chargers, it might be time to upgrade to a more efficient charge station. You might even identify a few devices that can be charged using solar power to give your electricity bill a break.

A Bright Idea

Smartphone controlled lighting is seeing more and more demand. Give your mood a boost with varied light levels. Smartphone controlled lighting allows you to modify light color, intensity, and color temperature. No more harsh overhead lights or dim desk lamps here!

Wireless Data & Technology

Data cabling and similar services are seeing a surge in popularity. This is the electronic installation required to enable the sending and receiving of data between computer networks. In today’s fast-paced world, quick communication is more important. Stay ahead of your career by installing the necessary electrical components for Wi-Fi.

Carve Out a Creative Space

Employees in creative fields such as video game design, animation, or graphic design may require computers that are more powerful and high-speed to handle larger digital files. Creative work may also require more than one monitor and a higher-end printer.

Turn Down the Temp

You may need to install additional air conditioners or change your HVAC controls to keep computers and other electronics at safe temperatures. In other words, your attic office might get too hot to handle in summer months! Electronics can be seriously damaged or destroyed if heat is allowed to build up during use, or even while idle. Keep heat-producing equipment away from curtains and other soft surfaces to prevent fires.

Smart Screens

Installing a TV screen within viewing of your distance offers a handful of benefits. Through Wi-Fi, you can screencast the items on your computer for in-home meetings. You can also use this screen as a source of entertainment over lunch, during slow times, or even for research pertinent to your job.

Go Green

If you’re buying new office equipment, choose energy efficient equipment over the best price you can find. Different types of equipment consume power differently. A cheap piece of equipment might seem like a bargain initially, but consider the long-term implications when it comes to energy consumption and equipment lifespan.

Bonus Tax Boost

Did you know there are several ways to write off your home office when filing taxes? A simplified option allows you to deduct $5 per square foot of your home office with a maximum write-off of $1500 (limited to 300 square feet). You can also deduct office expenses such as supplies and advertising, and of course, new electronics you supplied to fit the needs of your upgraded work space.

How Do I Get Started?

When it comes to home electric projects, don’t DIY. You could end up with an office nightmare: overloaded circuits, overheated equipment, botched cabling, or worse. An expert electrician will tell you whether the circuit can accommodate the power load, and will help pinpoint the details which might be overlooked by a layman. Mister Sparky electricians are happy to assess your power needs to help you design an office that is just as safe as it is productive.