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How to Protect Your Home during Storm Season

It’s hard to ignore the powerful storms that have been making headlines across the country. The Atlantic hurricane season reached its peak in mid-September and will continue through November 30 – just in time for Old Man Winter.

But there’s a silver lining somewhere in those storm clouds: With the right type of storm preparation, you can protect your property from some of the most common weather woes. Here’s how to spare yourself a call to an emergency electrician by proactively installing generators and whole house surge protectors.

No Electricity? No Fun!

Power outages are more than inconvenient – they can also be damaging. Loss of power in warm weather means no air conditioning and potential mold damage. On the flip side, an electric outage in winter means no heat and costly, burst pipes. An outage in any season mean a refrigerator left full of food that will quickly spoil, and no working appliances to cook it!

The Best Backup Power Option

A standby generator can deliver backup power to your entire home. A portable generator can overload, damaging your expensive electrical equipment. In general, a standby generator can provide enough electricity to resume all normal home functions (note that propane-operated standby generators are limited by tank size). It’s important to note that any propane generator runs the risk of engine exhaust and carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s why you should always keep generators outside in a dry, safe, and well-ventilated area.

“A week ago, we had storms and power failures. It was dark, and as I looked out in the neighborhood, all of the homes were dark except ours! Our whole home generator kicked in, and we were able to enjoy the evening, while our neighbors just went to bed early. Second time in six months that a 2+ hour power failure without incident.” – John G., Lancaster, PA customer

Already have a portable generator? Ask our electricians to install the generator transfer switches and receptacles necessary to keep power with a portable generator. Read our Standby and Portable Generator FAQ to see which type of generator is right for you. And be sure to follow safe generator operation safety tips from the American Red Cross.

Standby generator installation is not a DIY project! When it comes to emergency power, you want to be sure it’s installed right the first time. Mister Sparky electricians specialize in installation and maintenance of your standby generator.

Power Surge Protection

Many people make the mistake of believing that power strips protect sensitive electronic devices in the event of a power surge. While the devices look the same, a power strip can’t handle the maximum voltage from a spike in electric equipment. That could mean serious damage to your computer, stove, and other devices plugged into the strip – even your phone charger and the phone itself.

Sure, you could unplug every electronic in your home. But the fact is, you never know when a power surge will strike. A whole house surge protector can prevent your sensitive devices from that next lightning strike or downed power line. The power surge protector attaches to your home’s main electric panel. This heavy duty surge protector redirects excess electricity to the ground, sparing your appliances and electronics from damage. Learn more about the science behind surges in our Power Surge Protection blog.

Electrical Inspection

If you suspect your home’s electric has been damaged by a recent storm, don’t hesitate to call Mister Sparky® of Lancaster!

Contact a Mister Sparky expert electrician to discuss complete protection during every storm!